Frequently Asked Questions about the CDFM Practice Test Platform

Q: I tried logging into the Test Run platform with my ASMC login credentials, but I got a “Login Failed” message.
A: Please click on “Register here” on the Practice Test home page to create a new account. ASMC login credentials will not work on this external platform.

Q: I paid for a subscription but never got an email.
A: The most common cause of this is firewalls blocking the email. If you do not find any emails about your subscription after checking your junk or spam folder, please contact the Test Run support team at

Q: Can I pay less for access to just 1 of the modules or for a shorter time period?
A: Currently, we offer only a 3 month subscription that includes all 3 modules.

Q: Can I renew my subscription once it expires?
A: Yes, you can renew as often as you like, and you get a 10% discount on every subscription renewal!

Q: Can I purchase a Practice Test subscription if I’m not enrolled in the CDFM Program yet?
A: Yes! Anyone, regardless of candidate status may subscribe.

Q: How can a third party purchaser pay for my Practice Test subscription?
A: Practice test subscriptions and payments are managed by ASMC’s practice test vendor, Test Run. ASMC does not process payment for the practice test but payments can still be made directly to Test Run ( by following one of the options:

  • Option 1: Candidate can create an account with Test Run ( and then provide the login information to the third party to make payment for the practice test subscription
  • Option 2: The third party can create the Test Run account for candidate using the candidate’s (name, email etc.) and make payment for a practice test subscription and then provide the login information to the candidate

Q: Am I guaranteed to pass the CDFM exams if I score well on tests in the Practice Test platform?
A: No. While the Practice Test was designed to help you prepare for the exams, use of this product does not guarantee enhanced performance on the exam or a passing exam score.

Q: How was the CDFM Practice Test created?
A: All of the test items were written by defense financial manager subject matter experts for the CDFM exams. They are items that are retired from live CDFM exams or were not approved for use on live exams.

Q: Will Practice Test questions be on the live CDFM exams?
A: No. None of the questions in the Practice Test are in any of the live CDFM exams, nor will they appear on live CDFM exams in the future.

Q: How much time will a practice test take?
A: The practice test tool is fully customizable, so you control the time limit (or none!), number of test questions, module, and domains.

Q: How many questions are on the practice test?
A: There are over 100 items for each module.

Q: What is the difference between the CDFM Practice Test platform and taking a course like the EDFMTC or CDFM Refreshers?
A: The EDFMTC and CDFM Refresher are courses with live instructors providing foundational knowledge for defense financial managers. The Practice Test platform is a tool to help candidates build testing confidence and should not be used alone to prepare for the CDFM exams.

Q: Can I use the CDFM Practice Test platform in lieu of a training course, like the EDFMTC?
A: The Practice Test platform is not a training method, and the practice test items do not cover the spectrum of defense financial management knowledge.

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