The Future of Financial Management

Three Challenges for Defense Financial Managers
The Honorable Robert F. Hale, CDFM-A

Human Capital:  Creating a High-Performing Financial Management Workforce
Brigadier General (RET.) Sandra Gregory, CDFM Debora Brand Katie Ingebretson

DoD Comptroller Workforce of the Future
Linda J. Meadows, CDFM

Civilian Financial Management:  Generational Change Is Coming to an Organization Near You
Keith A. Hicks, CDFM
Colonel Barbara J. Gilchrist

Today's Initiatives Will Drive Tomorrow's Financial Management
Teresa McKay

Army Resource Management:  Increasing the Focus on Cost Analysis to Support Resource-Informed Decision Making
Katie B. Caldwell Joe Romito, CDFM

Top Concerns of Defense Financial Managers
Vice Admiral Lewis W. Crenshaw, Jr., USN (RET.)

USSOCOM Acquisition…Light, Agile, Lethal:  A Pathfinder for DoD Acquisition Reform
Glenda Scheiner, CDFM

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From the National President

I need to go back to the early membership rolls of this organization to see if Jake and Elwood Blues were members of ASMC.  When I finished previewing the articles in this issue of Armed Forces Comptroller, I could only think about the rollicking concert scene toward the end of "The Blues Brothers" movie.  Remember, just prior to the great police chase scene, when Jake and Elwood had the whole crowd shouting, "You. You! YOU!" Community Leader, Bob Hale – discusses the professional development environment he is working to establish for YOU so YOU can meet the future challenges and changes that await YOU.  The next group of articles discusses how YOU have been preparing for and are meeting many of the demands of these times through examples of improved leadership and the analytic skills being implemented today.  Finally, there is our annual community analysis (with the support of Grant Thorton, LLP) based on comments from YOU that clearly indicate that WE still have a way to go to ensure our ability to meet and master the future of financial management. So, sit back, get comfy, and read about yourself.  Perhaps take in "The Blues Brothers" movie as a complementary assignment.  Then think about you, You, YOU!  How are YOU going to take advantage of the professional development environment emerging on your behalf?  What are YOU going to do about leading our community into the future?  What can YOU identify to ASMC leadership as needs to help you move forward? To paraphrase a key line from "The Blues Brothers" movie and the "throw down" by Secretary Hale in our lead article – "We're on a mission from Bob!"


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Charles E. Cook III National President

From the Executive Director The theme for this issue of Armed Forces Comptroller is "The Future of Financial Management."  Our authors present a good cross section of people looking into the future, seeking a guide for present actions to facilitate meeting tomorrow's challenges. The Honorable Robert F. Hale, Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller)/CFO, identifies some of the challenges, and three articles address the manpower implication of these changes.  The Director of the Defense Finance and Accounting Services tells us how changes taking place today will affect tomorrow's financial management environment.  Two Army authors explain how cost analysis will support resource-informed decision making.  Another article details the way lessons learned in Special Operations procurement can spur Department of Defense acquisition reform.  And a survey of 1,600 ASMC members highlights current concerns of Defense financial managers. These articles make a powerful argument that financial management in the military services will see seismic shift in the coming years – significant changes that ASMC members will need to accommodate and, in many cases, spearhead as emerging leaders. ASMC pledges to continue providing strong professional development opportunities and robust certification services to its members and others in Defense financial management, enabling them to anticipate and adapt to these changes.




Al Tucker, CDFM-A Executive