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Communications Consultant at ASMC.

ASMC National Awards Program

The American Society of Military Comptrollers (ASMC) offers a number of opportunities for chapters, membership and the defense financial management community to be recognized for their outstanding achievements through the ASMC National Awards Program. Some of these awards include scholarships, achievement awards, membership awards in areas such as essay contests, chapter leadership, and corporate members, [...]

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April 2019 Chapter Highlight

APRIL CHAPTER HIGHLIGHT: Cleveland Chapter, by Elena Baykal, Chapter President   What are your plans for the Chapter this year? Events, programming, etc In the beginning of the Chapter year the plans were made to increase membership by having membership drives, provide professional luncheons to members so that members can enjoy listening to great professionals [...]

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DoD News

President Trump orders the Department of Defense to create a new military branch, the Space Force, replacing the Air Force as the youngest military branch after 72 years. Click the link below for more information. Trump officially directs Pentagon to create Space Force legislation for Congress

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Financial Management News

Here are some of the latest news regarding the funding decisions on the border wall, in addition to reducing overpayment to service members. Acting Pentagon Chief Not Decided Yet on Funding Border Wall Process Improvements Needed in Recouping Overpayments to Service Members Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan Says He Has Not "Made Any Decisions" to Approve [...]

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Financial Management News

Here are some articles pertaining to the DoD budget, with how different programs will be funded this year into 2020, in addition to some updates with the Federal Labor Relations Board. Trump May Have $21 Billion in Military Funds Available for the Wall Why is a top GOP senator skeptical of Trump’s acting defense secretary? Pentagon [...]

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USD Waiver for 2019 PDI

Waiver for 2019 American Society of Military Comptrollers' Professional Development Institute Click here to access the Honorable David Norquist's memorandum 2019 Professional Development Institute (PDI) scheduled for 29 - 31 May 2019 in San Antonio, Texas:

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