ASMC and Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO), our partner in the exam update process, have been diligently working over the past year to update CDFM exam modules 1, 2, and 3 and exam module 4 for the acquisition specialty designation. The team has completed several steps of this scientific and rigorous process, including updating the job analysis information, developing a test blueprint, systematically reviewing current exam items, developing new exam items, and pilot testing the newly-developed items. A process like this takes dozens of subject matter expert volunteers like yourself. The final step in this process is to have subject matter experts determine the passing scores during a standard setting workshop.

We are currently seeking active CDFMs and CDFM-As to select one of the modules, then participate in a training workshop, complete homework tasks, and participate in a follow-up workshop to determine appropriate cut scores for the two exam forms for that module.

How do I sign up?
If you are interested and available, please click on the link below to answer a quick, 1-minute survey by February 5, 2024, to let us know which module you feel most comfortable working on. Soon after, test developers at HumRRO will send you Outlook meeting invitations and further instructions.

CDFM/CDFM-A Standard Setting Module Preference Survey

Who is eligible to do this task?
Active CDFMs & CDFM-As who are not CDFM-prep instructors.

What is the mission?
Determine the passing standard for the CDFM/CDFM-A exams, a critical step in ensuring that the CDFM/CDFM-A remains a fair and valid measure of Defense Financial Management knowledge.

What am I being asked to do?
You will be trained and guided by expert test development facilitators to determine what each exam’s passing score will be. This is a critical step in the exam development process and requires the help of attentive and experienced subject matter experts like yourself.

How many hours will I have to volunteer?
The mandatory training workshop will last 2.5 hours. You will then be entrusted with specific assignments to complete approximately 4-6 hours of work on your own time over the course of 1-2 weeks. In your module’s follow-up workshop, the facilitator with assist you with finalizing your work.

Will I earn CPEs?
We will award you 6 CPEs for full attendance at the training and follow-up workshops. You will also earn CPEs for the amount of time you spent on independent work (self-reported). In addition, as a thank you for your time and contribution, you will be sent an electronic Amazon gift card worth up to $50.

How are the workshops being held?
 These are virtual workshops held via MS Teams.

Can I call in on my mobile phone?
No, participants will need to participate with a computer/laptop (not a mobile phone or exclusively dialing in).

What are the workshop dates and times?
The workshop dates and number of hours needed for each module task is listed below. Please ensure that you will be able to participate at the dates and times listed for the module you request.

Module 1: Resource Management Environment (Total 9.5-11.5 hrs)
• Training workshop on Tue 2/13/24, 2:30-5pm EST (2.5 hrs)
• Homework on your own (4-6 hrs)
• Follow-up workshop on Mon 02/26/2024, 3-6pm EST (3 hrs)

Module 2: Budget and Cost Analysis (Total 9.5-11.5 hrs)
• Training workshop on Tue 2/13/24, 2:30-5pm EST (2.5 hrs)
• Homework on your own (4-6 hrs)
• Follow-up workshop on Tue 02/27/2024, 3-6pm EST (3 hrs)

Module 3: Accounting and Finance (Total 9.5-11.5 hrs)
• Training workshop on Tue 2/13/24, 2:30-5pm EST (2.5 hrs)
• Homework on your own (4-6 hrs)
• Follow-up workshop on Wed 02/28/2024, 3-6pm EST (3 hrs)

Module 4: Acquisition (Total 9.5-11.5 hrs)
• Training workshop on Tue 2/13/24, 2:30-5pm EST (2.5 hrs)
• Homework on your own (4-6 hrs)
• Follow-up workshop on Thu 02/29/2024, 3-6pm EST (3 hrs)

I am not available for the initial training workshop. Can I still volunteer?
Unfortunately, given the critical nature of this process, the training session cannot be missed.

I am a CDFM, and eventually want to pursue the CDFM-A specialty designation, can I still volunteer?
Yes. As a CDFM, you will only participate with and be exposed to content from exam modules 1, 2, or 3.

Is there anything about volunteering for this task that could impact my other activities?
It’s important to note that SMEs may not create, publish, distribute, or participate in any form of CDFM-prep instruction or content for 3 years after the conclusion of the standard setting activity due to exposure to exam questions. It is a certification industry best practice to maintain a firm firewall between certification exams and certification testing prep courses.

I only feel comfortable volunteering for one specific module, but I am not available for the respective follow-up workshop. Can I still volunteer?
Unfortunately, if you have a strong preference for the module that you work on but cannot make the follow-up workshop, you will not be eligible to participate. ASMC truly values your interest and dedication and there will be more opportunities to volunteer in the future.

Who do I contact if I have questions?
If you have any questions, please write or call 703-549-0360 and select option 2 to speak to a Certification staff member. For more information about the exam update, visit our Exam Development webpage.