Purchase additional lapel pins–you'll never be without one! 

Display your hard-earned CDFM or CDFM-A credential with our official, distinguished, black and gold lapel pin which measures 1.7 cm wide by 2 cm tall (11/16" wide by 3/4" tall).  The words "AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MILITARY COMPTROLLERS", inscribed in gold on black, wraps around ASMC's circular, gold logo.  The designation "CDFM" or "CDFM-A" is inscribed in black on gold below the circle.

Our pins come with a powerful magnetic disc back that strongly holds the pin to your clothing.  This prevents damage that a typical clutch pin can cause.

Click here to purchase CDFM or CDFM-A lapel pins

$5.00 USD each, shipping and handling included

Contact ASMC at certification@asmconline.org or call 703-549-0360 and ask for a staff member in the Certification Department for questions or to request an order be expedited.