Our candidates have been asking us for additional exam preparation tools, and we listened! The CDFM Practice Test is a supplemental assessment resource for individuals preparing to take the CDFM exams. This tool is designed to help build your confidence and identify areas in which additional exam preparation may be needed. View more information on the CDFM Practice Test here.

The design of the examinations is set forth in the exam specifications (blueprints) provided below, which define the content/competency areas (domains) and subdomains covered on the examinations, as well as the approximate percentage of examination items covering each competency area.

To become familiar with the content areas on the examinations, candidates are encouraged to review the specifications to assess their level of knowledge in each of the content areas and identify the areas in which they believe they need additional preparation.

The Module 1-3 exam blueprints can be downloaded here or found in Appendix M of the CDFM Candidate Handbook here.

The Module 4 exam blueprints can be found in Appendix M of the CDFM Candidate Handbook here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Updated Module 1, 2, 3, and 4 exams will be available on May 29, 2024. The current and updated exams will be available concurrently from May 29 – September 30, 2024. The old exams will be permanently retired on September 30, 2024. See our 2024 Exam Update page to view the 2024 CDFM & CDFM-A Exam Blueprints.

As a courtesy to individuals interested in taking a CDFM certification examination, ASMC provides a list of suggested CDFM exam preparation tools here.

ASMC Textbooks

The textbook used in ASMC’s Enhanced Defense Financial Management Training Course (EDFMTC) provides extensive information on all the competency areas addressed in the Module 1, 2, and 3 CDFM exams. (Note that there is fiscal law content in all 3 exams but all fiscal law material is in the 3rd textbook module.) The textbook used in ASMC’s Module 4 Acquisition Business Management Course—the “Module 4 Addendum”—provides detailed information on the competency areas addressed in the Module 4 CDFM exam. View more information on ASMC textbooks here.

The CDFM exams are closed book, proctored exams offered year-round, designed to evaluate candidates seeking professional certification in the field of defense comptrollership. Each of the 4 examination modules contains 80 multiple-choice items, and candidates are allowed 2 hours to complete each exam. The exams may be taken in any order, and a candidate must take and pass Modules 1, 2, and 3 within a 4-year time frame to earn CDFM certification. Module 4 must also be taken and passed in order to earn the CDFM-A designation.

Job Task Analysis and Content Validation

A job (task) analysis defines the current knowledge, skills and abilities that must be demonstrated by defense financial managers for successful and competent practice in this role. In accordance with applicable testing industry standards, these competencies have been validated utilizing surveying and focus group methodologies, according to frequency and importance. All decisions regarding the content of the examination are made by appropriate subject matter experts. That is, ASMC uphold stringent guidelines for the construction and implementation of the examination development and administration process, which is governed by ASMC’s Certification Commission (CC). The CC is comprised of experienced and highly-qualified DoD financial management professionals working in various industry practice settings.