NOVEMBER CHAPTER HIGHLIGHT: San Diego Chapter, by Brenda Meyer, Chapter President

What are your plans for the Chapter this year? Events, programming, etc.

This year we are focusing on having our Lunch and Learns at different Venues and plan to get more feedback from our members in order to provide them with better training and opportunities. We also have events scheduled for Ship Tours and other volunteer events which include the Fisher House and the Monarch Schools for Homeless Kids. I would also like to start having CDFM training. We have a new Chair for the CDFM Committee. His name is Josh Parrish. I hope to work closely with him to start some much needed CDFM training for many of our members.

What event or program has had the best response from your Chapter?

In July of this year, Fed Advisors presented at our Lunch and Learn and sponsored our event. The topics covered were FEGLI and TSP. We had more than 65 people in attendance. The presentation was extremely easy to understand and the information was invaluable. In addition to having great speakers, we changed the venue and had it at Gordon Birsch. The food turned out to be amazing!

How have you been able to engage and grow your membership?

We’ve been offering incentives in order to bring in more people. If an existing member brings in a new member, we pay for their ASMC dues for the year. Louisa Mendiola who is a special assistant to the board has also motivated people to start joining. Since she helps with the RSVP’s at every Lunch and Learn, if she sees an RSVP that isn’t a member, she provides them with information on the benefits of being a member and really draws them in. She has been a good asset to our board!

What is your favorite chapter memory?

Being Co-Chair of PDI 2017!!!! The experience was outstanding! Overall, it was a lot of work but it was definitely worth it!