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ASMC PDI 2022: Defense Financial Management at the Edge of Innovation

Financial Management Transformation: Advancing the DON’s Mission while Benefitting the Warfighter and the Public

Alaleh Jenkins

Department of the Navy Financial Management Strategy

Making Innovation an Office Norm

Stacy Marcott

Taking Care of Our People!

Donjette L. Gilmore

Tomorrow Looks Different. So Will We.

Boldness: From the Battlefield to the Boardroom

Edward L. Cooper

Defending the Homeland – U.S. Army North Experiences at the Edge of Innovation

To CDFM or Not… That is the Question

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (of Service Contracting)

Michael V. Snell

How do I Strategically Implement Financial Management Critical Thinking in My Organization or Tactically in my Team?

Alina M. Soto

Leadership – Leveraging the Power of 8s

Richard J. Lara

Teamwork – Communication – Execution The Triple Play to Accomplishing it All!

Richard J. Lara and Colonel Samuel B. Glover II

A CDFM Spotlight Interview with Carl Chen

What in the World are DeFi and DeRA?

George Tombe and Michael Conlin

Fiscal Law Q&A Corner

William G. Arnold