EDFMTC (Air Force–Yokota AB, Japan)

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The Enhanced Defense Financial Management Training Course (EDFMTC) is a 5-day, 40-hour, intensive financial management review course delivered in a classroom setting. The material covered is presented in 3 sections that correspond to the CDFM exam modules and knowledge areas:

  1. Resource Management Environment
  2. Budget and Cost Analysis
  3. Accounting and Finance

NOTE: ASMC cannot place you in one of the DoD centrally-funded EDFMTC sessions.  For questions about registration and course seats, please contact the DoD EDFMTC Point of Contact for the course in question.

Use the EDFMTC Automated Registration tool to register.

Due to security enhancements, access to the EDFMTC Automated Registration tool is restricted to a .mil DOMAIN or a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that originates from a .mil DOMAIN.  You will not be able to access the EDFMTC Automated Registration tool from any other DOMAIN.  If you cannot access the site for this reason, please contact the EDFMT help desk at: saf.acqnowcl@us.af.mil

Students receive a copy of the course textbook on the first day of class. Course cost does not include CDFM Program enrollment or any CDFM exams. Questions about the CDFM Program should be directed to certification@asmconline.org.

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