We have all watched with concern as the incidence of COVID-19 steadily increases around the world. In the US, our epidemiologists predict that this increase will continue for some time into the future, putting some of our most vulnerable neighbors, colleagues, and patients at risk. ASMC has both a commitment and a responsibility to work in the best interests of our staff and our members, as well as our community more broadly. For all of these reasons, we are implementing new guidance intended to limit the impact of COVID-19.

We know that social distancing is effective in slowing down or stopping the spread of a disease. Effective today, ASMC Headquarters staff will be working remotely. The intent of this measure is to limit exposure both to those who may be ill and to those who may be contagious, but who are not displaying symptoms.

Al Runnels, our Executive Director, will reassess the situation on 20 March to determine our next steps and we will continue to keep you updated of ASMC’s status.

Thank you for your patience as we transition. Know that we are committed to providing our best service to our members and to the defense financial management community.