Can you briefly describe your career path?

US Army – 1967-1971 – Korean linguist

US Air Force civilian – 1971-1993 – management analyst, budget analyst, budget officer, Executive Officer to Commander, Director of Plans and Programs

DFAS Columbus – 1993-2001 – Deputy of Resource Management, Disbursing Officer, Director of Entitlements

President, Arnold Federal Consulting – 2002-present – teach DoD financial management courses including EDFMT, author appropriations law books, develop and update appropriations law courses, edit manuscripts for Armed Forces Comptroller magazine.

What are your future career goals?

Continue to serve the DoD as long as I can, but after 50+ years, I am gradually easing into full retirement to enjoy my grandkids and great-grandkids.

How has your involvement in ASMC helped to develop your career?

I organized a new ASMC Chapter in 1983 and served as its first President. That experience gave me visibility within my command and, I believe, directly helped me get a position as Executive Officer to the Commander. That position then led to a promotion as Plans and Programs Director. My career might have turned out very differently without that ASMC involvement.

Which ASMC programs/offerings have you found to be the most beneficial?

The ASMC scholarship program has been my focus from the beginning – not for my benefit, but to help deserving high school students and employees advance their education and careers.

If you could pass along one piece of advice to ASMC Early Careerists, what would it be?

I have three, not just one, pieces of advice.

  1. Be visible – volunteer for the tough assignments.
  2. Be inquisitive – learn all you can about your entire organization, not just your immediate office.
  3. Be ethical – always do the right thing.