OCTOBER CHAPTER HIGHLIGHT: Indianapolis Chapter, by CPT Jason Reyes

What are your plans for the Chapter this year? Events, programming, etc.

For the rest of the Program year we plan on having the following events:

Military Committee golf outing Fall (October 2018) and Spring (May 2019), Coats 4 Kids Drive, 5K Wellness walk/run (Oct 2018), Murder Mystery Dinner (Nov 2018), Fall Professional Development Conference (PDC) (Nov 2018), AGA/ASMC Holiday Luncheon, Early Careerist First Impressions Workshop (Oct 2018) and many more events as well as our monthly luncheons.

What event or program has had the best response from your Chapter?

Several events and programs stand out. The Community Services committee events have had great turnouts due to working with outside organizations within the community (Coats 4 kids, Easter Basket Project, Pink Ribbon Fashion show), and partnering with groups such as AGA and NAFE/WIN. Also, the Early Careerists Committee has found ways to bridge the gap for those who are not only new to the government, but exposure to what ASMC and our Chapter has to offer. Our November luncheon annually has the greatest turnout as it honors our Military and Veterans who work in the MG Emmett Bean Center, and our Holidays 4 Troops event has a huge response in the many donations and gifts that are received for troops who are suffering from hardships during the Holiday season.

How have you been able to engage and grow your membership?

Membership is growing as we are putting together an Information Fair that will help those who are interested, engage with our various Chapter Committees. The Fall and Spring PDC's also help in showing the breadth and depth of experiences our guest speakers have and the relationship to ASMC. As for engaging members, we have a lot of events that are taking place throughout the year that can get everyone engaged. Also, the volunteer opportunities are immense as we engage the Indianapolis community, as well as the Veteran community. Members are afforded networking opportunities and ways to serve. Most of our members come from Agencies such as DFAS, USAFMCOM, NGB, and OCAR, to name a few.

What is your favorite chapter memory?

There are so many. Recently, we had a Chapter appreciation luncheon and one of our events was musical chairs. That can always be comical as you witness grown adults compete over a chair. Also, our annual Holiday breakfast for Troops who are stationed locally was always a hit. One year, we had both Boomer (Pacers), and Blue (Colts), mascots who entertained the troops by doing hand stands off of chairs and pranks on the troops.