Are you having issues viewing a Virtual PDI or taking an AFC Journal exam?

  1. Are you logged in? You must be logged in to view a Virtual PDI and take the AFC Journal exams. Verify your ASMC membership.
  2. Are you using Internet Explorer? What happens if you try Chrome, Firefox, or Safari? There is also a Compatibility View Setting that may help in Internet Explorer:
    • Make sure that the page you are having difficulty accessing is open in your browser.
    • Open the Tools menu by clicking the gear icon at the top right of your screen, or by clicking the Alt key on your keyboard.
    • Click "Compatibility View Settings"
    • Click "Add" to add the URL of the current page to Compatibility View, and close.
  3. Are you at a Federal facility? Federal IT departments occasionally block the site where the videos and exams are hosted. What happens if you try it from home?
  4. PDI 2011 content was posted free of charge. However, only the slides from past PDI events are available for free.


Virtual PDI 2015 & 2014

  • View Virtual PDI 2015 and Virtual PDI 2014 – Logging in the first time? 
    • Please allow up to 24 hours for new accounts to become available.
    • To log in, enter the email address you signed up with, and your default ASMC password, asmc + your member number.
    • If you have forgotten your member number, click here.
    • For further assistance, please contact:
  • Did you register for Virtual PDI 2014? It is only $99 and will be available until June of 2016.
  • Virtual PDI 2015 is available now!  It is free for attendees, and $99 for individuals.  It is also available to chapters for $249 to offer as content for local mini-PDIs and luncheons!


  • If you are using Internet Explorer to view Virtual PDI content in PathLMS & your name does not appear in the top right corner…
    • Go to Internet Options
    • Select the Security Tab
    • Select Trusted Sites
    • Select the Sites button
    • Add to the trusted sites.


Virtual PDI 2012