Congratulations to the newest Chapter Leadership Award Winners!


This award is given to recognize individuals for outstanding continuous leadership, accomplishments and support of the society at the chapter level.  This year's winners are:

LTC Christopher Dixon, Tampa Bay Chapter

LTC Dixon has been a force in the Tampa Bay chapter for the past three years.  He rose to president of the chapter and initiated some innovative programs to ensure professional development of our members and a strong future for our chapter.

LTC Dixon's most noteworthy achievement was the Certification Lunch Program.  LTC Dixon assembled a group of strong members and encouraged them to accelerate their defense financial management certification. He then trained this team to assist other members of our chapter to obtain their certification. Chris reserved the base computer lab on 4 separate occasions and invited all members to attend certification lunch events.  The chapter provided lunch to those that attended and worked toward their certification. His team of trainers walked other members through the requirements of certification and the nuances of the ICompass system.  This initiative kick-started certification efforts across SOCOM, CENTCOM, and the base comptroller squadron.

In ddition to this program, LTC Dixon also initiated a volunteer effort to work concessions at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers professional football games to raise money for chapter programs.  He managed the efforts of his chapter vice-presidents from each of the major commands represented in the chapter. He organized and executed an outstanding chapter lunch program that provided exceptional speakers to develop our members. Lunch speaker program included Countering Threat Finance; US Army Special Operations Command redesign, Defense Financial Management Certification and Cost Management and Lean Six Sigma.  Overall, Chris put a great foot forward.  He is a true leader in ASMC, encouraging other officers to give their entire effort in making the chapter successful and an asset to the Defense Financial Management Community.

Scott McCue, Korea Chapter

Mr. Scott McCue sets an unequaled example of leadership within an ASMC chapter. He consistently takes the initiative to support and improve the Korea chapter in a multitude of ways. He often sees what needs to be done before others, and either does it himself or advises other leaders providing well thought out recommendations to make improvements or solve problems. This chapter, without Mr. McCue, would be severely diminished. He truly is the difference between failure and success.

Mr. McCue has been an active member of the Korea chapter for 15 years, during which time he served as the Vice President for membership recruiting 4 separate times. Stationed overseas, Mr. McCue makes a concerted effort to recruit not only U.S. civilians and service members, but also actively recruits local national employees to join the Korea chapter of ASMC, which results in a more diverse and robust chapter. His efforts in such a high-turnover theater have an effect on the entire ASMC membership worldwide. Without Mr. McCue’s hard work, the composition of the Korea chapter would be drastically different and would be missing a key component of what makes the ASMC Korea chapter so unique.

Mr. McCue has embraced his role as a leader within the Korea chapter. His impact is especially apparent on his support of Certified Defense Financial Manager (CDFM) certification. Sensing the need to make CDFM certification more available for ASMC members within Korea and solely through his own initiative and effort, Mr. McCue took established a training and testing program to assist members in earning their CDFM. He selflessly gave up his weekends in order to offer tutoring classes to members, many of whom English is a second language, and worked tirelessly to bring trainers to Korea to teach the Enhanced Defense Financial Management Training course to better prepare CDFM candidates. Throughout the Korean Peninsula, any ASMC member who has questions on the CDFM certification process, or needs access to learning materials knows that Mr. McCue will be there to support in any way possible, and the results of Mr. McCue’s dedication are evident. Over the last three years alone, Mr. McCue has given up over 40 of his weekends to administer over 250 tests to individuals resulting in 17 members of the ASMC Korea chapter receiving their CDFM in the past year and a chapter total of 117 CDFMs (of 259 members total). This is especially impressive since many members are Korean Nationals testing in their second language.

Wherever there is a need for assistance within the chapter, however great or small, Mr. McCue is the first person to volunteer and encourage others to do the same. His enthusiasm for the Korea chapter is matched only by his dedication to the continued improvement of its members. Mr. McCue is a great asset to the Korea chapter, and his leadership has made a positive impact on all the members of the chapter.

Ken Suazo, San Diego Chapter

Leaders who lead by example, admit their mistakes and recognize their followers have the best results as far as organizational growth and commitment. Ken possesses all of these qualities and more.  In 2012, Ken was elected as President of the ASMC San Diego Chapter, before becoming president, he was the Administrative Vice President for more than five years. Since his presidency, he has changed and renewed the culture of the board and the chapter and has inspired many to join his remarkable team!  Being a board member is difficult, but becoming President is more than just a job, it is a commitment! Finding time to take on this new job is no easy task, but he stepped up to the challenge and never looked back. Because of his leadership, the chapter has reached out to speakers like Congresswoman Susan Davis!

In addition, Ken is always humble and is willing to give of himself rather than receive. He’s takes the time to let the other board members know that he truly appreciates what fellow members do. He has helped each  become more of a cohesive team and listens to  challenges, struggles and changes. ! He is always welcoming; he makes the effort to acknowledge and appreciate members, and always gets to know  presenters so that they are comfortable at appearing at chapter events.  His sincerity touches your heart and makes you feel good about yourself and what you are doing for the organization.

Ken reminds us that leaders are never born; they are made through experiences and possess qualities to help other succeed and grow.


Brenda Walker, Red River Chapter

Ms. Walker has been one of  the greatest assets for the Red River Chapter.  She has been the Chapter president since 2012 and has eled the chapter to 5 Star recognition for the Chapter each year.  Since she has been president, membership has not only gone up dramatically, but people actually attend the meetings and enjoy the speakers. Her creativity has members raving about each meeting and yearning for the next one.  Her valuable networking skills has allowed the chapter to have many high ranking speakers to include Major General Ward, Brigadier General Burke, various local City officials, and countless leadership in the high officer ranks. She has provided such a great meeting environment that even speakers want to come back to speak again, and they do! Other Chapters join the meetings because of her mindfulness of remembering our brothers and sisters at other Chapters. She is able to motivate new airmen to come and join ASMC and take on leadership roles within the Chapter.

This dynamic programming encouraged previous ASMC members to rejoin, and rejuvenate their interest in ASMC and pursuing their CDFM.   She actively participates in Highway cleanup, Relay for Life, Bowling for Kid Sake, Christmas in Action, and any other volunteer event that ASMC or even our Squadron decides to do.  She has been dramatically influential in our financial goals as a Chapter; allowing us to earn $2,900 participating in a NASCAR event, and also donating approximately $2,000 to the Relay for Life charity.  She recently completed her FM Certification Level II and is working on her CDFM.  This past year she earned her Master’s Degree in Human Resources and also has taken on huge leadership roles in our Comptroller office. She single handedly executed the actions as the entire Sheppard AFB point of contact for the implementation of the new financial systems, DEAMS, in order to promote audit readiness within the Air Force. Whenever we are short handed in a chaired position, Brenda is always the first one to jump in and help out with whatever is needed from her.  Even with all the valuable actions she has performed, she still continues to succeed in her career and personal life. Without Brenda, the chapter would be nowhere near what it is today and had the success it has had. Without her, our Comptroller office would be less efficient, as she brings a vital knowledge base and strong working attitude to all of her co-workers and leaders. Brenda has continued to strive for greatness and has been recognized countless times in her job performance and volunteer activities. She is a born leader and can accomplish anything that is put in front of her. Brenda Walker is by far what ASMC represents! She is always striving to increase professional development within herself and the ones around her, and also promotes a very strong ethical behavior in our community.