Congratulations to the newest Chapter Leadership Award Winners! This award is given to recognize individuals for outstanding continuous leadership, accomplishments and support of the society at the chapter level.

This year's winners are:

Sherry Major, San Diego Chapter

Sherry Major does not know the meaning of “negativity” or “it can’t be done”. Sherry has been the President of the San Diego chapter and actively participates and motivates at every event. She has led the chapter into innovative and improved programs, even in this era of downsizing and uncertainties. She led the development of brown bag gatherings to discuss the CDFM process and get more members certified. Because of all of her efforts, the chapter has grown in program quality, member engaement and has almost 30 new CDFMers in the past year alone.

 Bruce Young, Utah Chapter

Bruce began serving on the Chapter board as the Community Service Chairman in 2009 and then moved on to become President. Throughout his presidency, the size of the Chapter increased by 17 members which boosted the size of the Chapter from Category B to Category A. Under his leadership, the Chapter has won many awards, hosted the largest mini-PDI in the Utah Chapter history, and awarded the highest number of educational scholarships. Bruce is the essence of selflessness and is at the center of all Chapter charitable activities. During Bruce’s service to the Utah Chapter, more than 800 community service hours, charitable fundraisers totaling more than $15K, and countless donations to charities have been made and can be directly attributed to his leadership, influence, and ability to make a difference. Bruce’s dedication to the Air Force, the American Society of Military Comptrollers, the Utah Chapter, and to charities makes him an exceptional leader and example to all.