Congratulations to Booz Allen Hamilton, Alamo City Chapter, as the winner of this year’s Corporate Member of the Year award.

  • This award recognizes Corporate Members for outstanding contributions made to a local Chapter and the National Organization in the furtherance of the goals of the chapter and the society. To be nominated for this award a Corporation must have been a corporate member for two consecutive years. 


  • Booz Allen Hamilton’s San Antonio office has been active with the Alamo City Chapter for over a decade—since January 2003—and during 2012, 21 Booz Allen Hamilton staff were ASMC members. For more than nine years, a Booz Allen Hamilton representative has served as Corporate Liaison to the Chapter Executive Board. A representative served as Exhibits Chair for each annual chapter Professional Development Symposium (PDS), lining up corporate exhibitors, assigning spaces, and ensuring a smooth flow of corporate support to each annual event. They maintain a corporate booth at the annual PDS; they provide speakers and speaker assistants every year and provided the Master of Ceremonies for PDS 2012.  They have also supported educational outreach efforts, such as the Northside ISD Science and Engineering Academy and the Science Bowl. Booz Allen Hamilton has supported all monthly community service “sweat equity” events, including a Birthday Bash for children of Boysville and two semi-annual all-day events at the Roy Maaz (teen) Youth Alternatives Meadowlands Campus. They contribute clothing and accessories to the chapter’s annual “Prom Drive” that enables teen youth of the San Antonio Child Protective Services to attend local school proms.


  • National involvement  follows a similar pattern — When the national Professional Development Institute was in San Antonio, eight Booz Allen Hamilton staff members volunteered over 100 hours of support toward the success of the local chapter’s host effort. The organization also sponsored PDI, manning booths, sharing knowledge, and working alongside their colleagues and clients, Booz Allen Hamilton continues to demonstrate that membership is commitment to action. Booz Allen Hamilton is an outstanding representative of what we want in and from our Corporate membership. Positive impact continues to be felt throughout ASMC.