Congratulations to the winners of the CY2012 ASMC Achievement Awards!

This award category recognizes individuals and teams for outstanding accomplishments within one of the functional fields of membership.

Accounting and Finance

Distinguished, Ms. Carol S. Joseph, USACE, New Orleans, LA

Ms. Joseph is being recognized for her management of the Corp of Engineers New Orleans District’s overall execution of over $10.9B in cost share related projects, representing the largest cost share program throughout the Corps. She streamlined the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) reimbursement process which significantly reduced the obligations, saving the agency over $44.3M in the first eight months of the process. Ms. Joseph’s innovative approach to combining operations, formulating cost reduction and collection methods for the delivery of training, and her ability to provide transparent accurate financial data for real-time decision making purposes, facilitated the district’s operation continuing with no degradation to customer service.

Meritorious, Ms. Hellaineous Carter, AETC, Randolph AFB, TX 

Ms. Carter’s actions ensured accurate/compliant accounting for 100% of AETC's $3.0B program. Her expert accounting skills led to the validation of 24K+ lines of accounting and $3.25B in AETC-wide requirements.  She was instrumental in identifying/implementing an Air Force level benchmarked process for collecting non-government reimbursements. She ably managed a complex reimbursable program with excellent results that are financially beneficial to the USAF.

Acquisition/Cost Analysis

Distinguished, Mr. Karl M. H. Devlin, CDFM-A, Department of the Army, Fort Sam Houston, TX

Mr. Devlin alerted multiple agencies including USNORTHCOM, Joint Program Manager-Consequence Management, Department of the Army-G8, and the Army Budget Office, of the omission of $25M in funding for the CBRN Protective Posture Equipment (PPE) in the FY 12 President's Budget. This omission would have eliminated 50% of the funding dedicated in the POM for PPE. His efforts to identify this issue resulted in the restoration of the funding across the Future Years Defense Plan (FYDP). As the Army North lead program analyst for the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Response Enterprise (CRE), he continues to have a significant impact on the training, equipping, and resourcing of the CRE. The CRE is a high priority force organized to provide critical life-saving capabilities during a domestic catastrophic Chemical, Biological, Radiological, or Nuclear disaster. 

Meritorious, Mr. John McKee, Air Mobility Command, Scott AFB, IL

Mr. McKee provided exceptional analyses for 12 Fuel Economy Business Cases Analyses (BCAs) and 19 program evaluations totaling more than $3B.  He expertly prepared 4 and reviewed 15 program evaluations thus validating $32M of fiscal year 2012 savings and prepared the command for audit readiness. He masterfully developed and provided one-on-one BCA training to eight staff program managers, improving study quality and timeliness. He coordinated with the FM Center of Expertise (FM CoE) on all base-level Economic Analyses and BCA requests, and validated all studies from the FM CoE that required MAJCOM funding.


Major Command

Distinguished, Mr. Matthew A. Henry, Air Force Audit Agency, Wright Patterson AFB, OH

Mr. Henry recommended improvements resulting in an opportunity to significantly reduce the TF39 budget by 55 overhauls, saving the Air Force over $190 million between FY 2013 and FY2016. Air Force senior officials wholeheartedly agreed with Mr. Henry’s recommendations and planned to update Air Force guidance and procedures for developing future overhaul requirements. Mr. Henry also completed a complex audit involving multiple functional areas.

Meritorious, Ms. Kellie Jennings, Air Force Audit Agency, Langley AFB, VA

Ms. Jennings led a team of 17 auditors and a dozen supervisory auditors who performed this audit at 16 Air Force clinics and hospitals, the Headquarters – Air Force Surgeon General, and AFMOA.  This audit potentially saved the AFMS over $164 million in five years and will change the civilian personnel composition of the AFMS.  Ms. Jennings has pioneered the way for the Air Force Audit Agency to review contract employee to GS civilian conversions with a proven methodology that can be utilized to review specific functional communities.

Unit Under a Major Command

Distinguished, Ms. Mollie Bergmann, CDFM, Air Force Audit Agency, Scott AFB, IL

Ms. Bergmann’s audit on the AFGLSC ULOs identified that by deobligating unneeded positive ULO balances the Air Force would achieve $44.1 million for other mission requirements.  She also identified an issue with Defense Enterprise Accounting and Management System (DEAMS) financial reports. Specifically, available DEAMS financial reports did not provide accurate ULO summary information. In addition, Ms. Bergmann’s audit of the Honor Guard Program identified that the Wing could save approximately $549,984 over 6 years (execution year and the Future Years Defense Program) by enforcing the dual lodging requirements in Air Force guidance.

Meritorious, Mr. Robert C. Jenkins, US Army Audit Agency, Fort Shafter, HI

Mr. Jenkins worked as an audit manager on seven complex and highly technical audits that were performed in the U.S. Army Pacific Theater of Operations. These audits covered a wide array of subjects that included transportation operations, health assessments, pre-deployment training equipment, and environmental planning. He also managed the Audit of Base Operations Support, Reagan Test Site, Army Prepositioned Stocks-4, and Watercraft Operations, Hawaii. For each of these assignments, Mr. Jenkins displayed his innate leadership and management abilities while quickly comprehending the greatest audit risks and identifying the most viable audit approaches for selecting issues that warranted audit coverage and management attention.


Major Command

Distinguished, Ms. Jessica Krisch, USTRANSCOM, Scott AFB, IL

Ms. Krisch demonstrated exceptional leadership and initiative to identify and implement significant overhead cost reductions within the Transportation Working Capital Fund (TWCF) and to ensure customer workload forecasts are based on accurate operational assumptions.  She reduced TWCF overhead costs by $179 million across the FYDP and instituted a lasting process change that brings an operational perspective to customer workload forecasts.  In addition, she quickly identified the financial impact of two FY 2012 fuel price decreases to OUSD(C), enabling the Department to return $457 million to USTRANSCOM customers for high priority requirements.

Meritorious, Mr. Wayne P. Honigford, US Special Operations Command, MacDill AFB, FL

Mr. Honigford successfully led efforts to consolidate and reduce budget line items by 35% within USSOCOM low dollar value RDA accounts.  He worked diligently to obtain the support of key stakeholders within the Department as well as Congressional PSMs, demonstrating that the same information could be conveyed with fewer lines of detail.  Budget line item consolidation will save significant staff effort by reducing the need for time consuming prior approval reprogramming requests and provide much needed funding flexibility to USSOCOM.

Unit Under a Major Command

Distinguished, Mr. Ray Graber, Air Force Materiel Command, Eglin AFB, FL

Mr. Graber exhibited leadership across a broad range of budget execution responsibilities.  His efforts helped maximize use of Department resources through dedicated and timely analytical support and teamwork.  He successfully worked across organizational boundaries to ensure mission success.

Meritorious, TSgt David C. Hamilton, AETC, Maxwell AFB, AL

TSgt Hamilton led efforts to re-evaluate Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa financial requirements to implement efficiencies and better align funding with actual mission requirements.  This effort produced $32 million in financial benefits, allowing funds to be reapplied to other high priority needs.  He also improved purchase request procedures, reducing the average procurement request turn-around time by over 75% and instituted significant control improvements in the purchase card budget.

Comptroller/Deputy Comptroller

Distinguished, LT Gennell M. Kidder, US Naval Hospital Okinawa, Japan

LT Gennell directed strategic and tactical finance policy for a 214-member tri-service and 5 country mentor team, 110 million dollar budget supporting over 168 thousand Afghan National Army (ANA) Soldiers and 78 coalition mentors at four Regional Military Hospitals and the 400-bed National Military Hospital.  Lieutenant Kidder spearheaded the identification of medical requirement resulting in the execution of 10 million dollars of NATO Funding, respectively, and $110 million dollars of ANSF funding. Lieutenant Kidder executed over 50 Purchase Requests and Commitments (PR&Cs) for equipment, training, and sustainment requirements supporting medical operations for both the Afghan National Army (ANA) and Afghan National Police (ANP).  She identified over 10 million dollar in savings across two Sub-Activity Groups (SAGs) to return/reprogram during the FY-12 Mid-Year review; lauded by the Combined Joint Budget Office (CJ8) for her initiative.

Meritorious, LT Jodi M. Phillips, Naval Hospital Beaufort, Beaufort, SC

As Comptroller at Naval Hospital (NH) Beaufort, LT Phillips improved the command’s financial operations and audit readiness posture. She coordinated a comprehensive contract review, reducing requirements by $2.1M. She led the Executive Steering Committee Annual Planning Goal for Customer Service, implementing the first-ever Customer Appreciation Day and procuring additional Interactive Customer Evaluation machines to improve customer satisfaction monitoring.  LT Phillips effectively managed diverse responsibilities while maintaining exceptional fiscal prudence. Her actions reflect strong financial acumen and expertise with a strategic focus.

Contractor Support

Distinguished, Mr. David J. Speicher, CDFM, HQ AMC, Scott AFB, IL

Mr. Speicher developed ways to streamline DEAMS activities and to reduce timeline, footprint, and costs required to bring a base on line. He developed a comprehensive, step by step, deployment checklist that will be used for all future base deployments. His checklist implements new methodologies that reduce physical visits to the bases and adds the use of modern day technology to have virtual meetings to achieve the same results while reducing costs.

He instituted an environment of open communication by pulling together all key stakeholders from McConnell AFB, HQ Air Mobility Command, HQ Air National Guard, HQ Air Force Reserves, and DFAS to collaborate on implementation activities, schedule, and open issues.  With over 60 contractors working on the DEAMS ERP implementation Mr. Speicher was hand-selected to fill this year’s most critical role on the project as the deployment lead for McConnell AFB.  His overall results were perfect; DEAMS is now fully utilized at McConnell AFB to support financial operations and the implementation was touted by the highest levels of Air Force leadership as a huge success.

Meritorious, Mr. Donald A. Osborne, AFMCLC, Wright Patterson AFB, OH

Mr. Osborne developed in-depth analysis to provide support for new HC/MC-130J Multi-Year Procurement contractual way forward saving the AF and DoD in excess of $550M.  Through in-depth analysis demonstrated a 7.6% savings to AF TOA through recommendation of a Multi-Year Procurement strategy.  Mr. Osborne is an Acquisition Program Baseline (APB) expert — determined way forward for HC/MC-130J program baseline for tight SAR time-line input…provided the best posture for future program success.

Financial Systems

Distinguished, Mr. Carlos Rivera, DFAS-Indianapolis, IN

Mr. Rivera applied accounting and automation expertise to address deficiencies identified by audit readiness and Department of Defense Inspector General (DoDIG) reviews. He delivered two significant process improvements resulting in productivity and auditability improvements demonstrating a journeyman understanding of both the Budget Execution (BE) and Audited Financial Statement (AFS) processing mission accomplished by Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) Departmental Reporting. 

Meritorious, Mr. William J. Lannaman, CDFM-A, HQ AFSOC, Hurlburt Field, FL 

Mr. Lannaman excels at leveraging technology to educate, inform and enhance FM business operations. His day-to-day efforts are the key to AFOSC’s clean Anti Deficiency record; zero violations in AFSOC’s history.  Mr. Lannaman focused IT resources to assist AFSOC leadership policy determinations, collecting and disseminating policy information, and communicating policy decisions for both awareness and compliance.  Mr. Lannaman showed ingenuity by leveraging technology to create a policy database to share with others in the Air Force FM community. The database saves time, money, and improves policy interpretation. His actions add significant value to the organization.


Distinguished, Mr. Brandon J. Tress, HQ AFMC, Wright Patterson AFB, OH

Mr. Tress led complex integration of numerous funds & financial systems for over 80% of Air Force's Working Capital Fund resources.  Critical resource constraints required vastly innovative approaches to acquire efficiencies & savings.  Over $10M savings projected through the FYDP; limited AF resources invested in most-critical weapon systems/priorities.  Mr. Tress helped orchestrate savings of 110 manpower positions with dollar savings exceeding $11M.

Meritorious, Ms. Nicole M. Morrow, AETC, Randolph AFB, TX

Ms. Morrow post-test analysis for $160M TDY-to-School Program postured AF for new way of business, saving $2.5M/yr. Ms. Morrow was instrumental during data mining for E-Books BCA Feasibility and Cost Study; avoided $500M in future costs. She was key in managing first Air Force command to manage new DoD withhold account, orchestrated 100% audit compliance.

Resource Management

Major Command

Distinguished, Mr. Stephen P. Green, US Army Audit Agency, Redstone Arsenal, AL

Mr. Green produced outstanding assistance to the Army during his assignment as assistant auditor in charge on the audit of Army Prepositioned Stocks. Mr. Green’s innovative analyses of the Army’s sustainment stock budget requirements for the program objective memorandum identified about $156.5 million of nonessential items included in baseline requirements.  Mr. Green’s detailed analyses led the Army to take immediate action to exclude the nonessential items from its war reserve secondary items requirements resulting in cost savings of about $156.5 million.

Meritorious, MSgt Daniel Doble, AFSOC, Hurlburt Field, FL

MSgt Doble’s SOF Clandestine Operations cash accountability briefing hit the mark on auditability and significantly improved internal controls; 20+ deployed commanders briefed–$1M secure.  As lead FM negotiator for AFSOC units at Pope he reduced AFSOC service requirement cost from $10M to $1.3M.  MSgt Doble was challenged to design a classified special operations course covering cash accountability for deployed operations. MSgt Doble excelled delivering a results focused briefing to mission commanders significantly improving internal controls.  MSgt Doble is a true superior performer he consistently executes 100% of CDA funds across the O&M, Proc, and MILCON arenas.

Unit Under a Major Command

Distinguished, Capt David L. Calderon, 27 SOCPTS, Cannon AFB, NM

Captain Calderon distinguished himself as an outstanding officer whose leadership, dedication and unmatched performance in resource management directly contributed to improving financial operations both at home station and deployed (OEF). His financial acumen proved instrumental in the training and protection of Airmen and served as a catalyst for the successful mission accomplishment of the 27th Special Operations Wing and Afghanistan.  He was a catalyst for SOF AFG/Tajikistan Ops–funded 110 Paying Agents; ensured 100% accuracy for 300+ vouchers; identified $2M ops msn req’t shortfall; secured vital funds resulting in saving of US/Afghan lives; ensured 2000+ lines of accounting were error free; 1st-ever seen to-date for AFG special funding and much more.

Meritorious, Lt Col Derren P. Berrell, CDFM, White House Communications Agency, Washington, DC

Lt Col Berrell is recognized for his leadership as the last deputy J8 in Iraq/Operation NEW DAWN (OND); US Forces Iraq.  He was key in the drawdown, redeployed 46K troops, 57 contractors and closed 53 bases with 3.4M of stock in less than four months.  Lt Col Berrell re-missioned to Afghan as Resource Director (J8) and was later PCS’d to the White House Communication Agency Resource Management Director.  He closed out FY 2012 O&M $131M and scripted FY 14 BES.  He served in three different key positions in one year and performed them all with expertise.

Small Team

Distinguished, AAA DTS Fraud Team, Team Leader: Mr. Scott Perry, US Army Audit Agency, Fort Belvoir, VA

Team Members:  Mr. Christopher Broach, Wakki Abatena, Ms. Whitney Thompson, Mr. Daniel Fenzau

The AAA DTS Fraud Team analyzed approximately 1,700 travel packets worth over $2.4M.  They identified 13 personnel with over $845,000 in fraudulent travel claims.  12 pleaded guilty and one defendant is still awaiting trial.  The team developed excellent recommendations to to mitigate risks and fraud.  The Army team has discussed their approach with teams from the Air Force and Navy.

Meritorious, FY 2014 MILCON Team, Team Leader: Ms. Gayle Ratajczyk, Naval Audit Service, Washington, DC

Team Members:  Ms. Stacy L. Shook, Mr. Bryan A. Beardsley, Mr. Jimmy O. Kirby, Mr. Michael L. Anthony, Ms. Lindsey D. Cepak, Mr. Carlos Alicea-Ortiz, Ms. Jewel A. Morton, Ms. Stephanie S. Yeager

The FY 2014 MILCON Team’s audit work resulted in approximately $465M of funds that the Department of the Navy (DON) was able to put to other use.  The audit objective was to verify that military construction projects’ scope requirements were sufficiently supported for selected projects included in DON’s proposed FY 2014 MILCON Program.  The team reviewed 15 projects and determined that 12 of the 15 projects were needed and that 10 of the 12 needed projects were over-scoped.  The team was very integral in assisting both the Navy and the US Marine Corps with identifying only those MILCON projects that represent a valid need and were properly scoped in accordance with established criteria.

Large Team

Distinguished, Cost-Based Decision Support (CBDS) Team, Team Leader: Mr. F. Warren Wynns, USTRANSCOM, Scott AFB, IL

Team Members:  Ms. Jasolyn B. Evans, Ms. Lauri L. Pierson, Ms. Gail A. Frey, Ms. Jessica L. Krisch, Ms. Marjorie K. Korte, Ms. Judith M. Schomaker, Mr. Jordan A. Richter, Mr. Harold W. Mitchell, Mr. Howard P. Steffey, Col Andrew C. Hird, Mr. Michael J. Arnolds, Ms. Cheryl J. Schultz

The Cost-Based Decision Support Team efforts have driven tangible reductions in transportation operating costs.  The team proved that airlift operations within USCENTCOM theater of operations could be more efficiently operated using C-130 and C-17 military aircraft, rather than by continuing current course of action.  This option avoided $213M in 2012 transportation costs.  USTRANSCOM leadership approved the recommended course of action.  The crowning achievement of the team was approval and publication of USTRANSCOM Instruction 90-22, “Deployment and Distribution Cost Based Decision Support.”

Meritorious, Centralized Offset Program (COP) Team, Team Leader:  Mr. Ed Bright, DFAS Indianapolis, IN

Team Members: Ms. Simone Sutter, Mr. Rob Heffron, Mr. David Lewis, Mr. Peter Scholl, Mr. Chris VanTiem, Ms. Alissa Wetzel, Mr. Connor Sullivan, Ms. Patricia Rodgers, Mr. Scott Thibodeau, Ms. Courtney Clark, Ms. Mary Crowl, Ms. Katherine Wilson, Mr. Stephen O’Shaughnessy, Mr. Robert Simpson, Ms. Patricia Grinnell, Ms. Georgianna Brenning, Ms. Roberta Hensley, Mr. Andrew Durewicz, Ms. Karen Kovy

The Centralized Offset Program Team developed system functional requirements and programmed the CDS to electronically perform the necessary bumps for intercepting payments to debtors, organized an agency-wide communications process to link the efforts of both accounts receivable and accounts payable functional areas to collect delinquent debts, developed Standard Operating Procedures and the necessary authoritative guidance to implement team procedures across the Department.  The team also established reports and controls to monitor offset requests and collections to ensure process is working as planned.