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There are more than 140 active ASMC chapters throughout the world, all of which offer a variety of events and communications. Because of the transient nature of the ASMC membership, as well as transitions of chapter leadership, chapter contacts change frequently. A current chapter point of contact may be obtained below, or by emailing Membership & Chapter Development with the chapter name you wish to contact.

CONUS Chapters

If you are a chapter leader and would like your site linked please email Nicole St. Laurent.  If you need advice on site content or management, please read here.

Location Chapter Web Site Contact
Alabama Montgomery Click here President Sandra Smith, CDFM-A sandra.smith.17@us.af.mil
Alabama Redstone/Huntsville Click here President Stephen Elison stephen.d.elison.civ@mail.mil
Alabama (Fort Rucker) Wiregrass      
Alaska (Elmendorf AFB, Ft Richardson) Denali   President Janet Janssen janet.janssen@us.af.mil
Alaska (Fairbanks) Tanana Valley   President Joshua Clifford hollywoodjoshua@yahoo.com
Arizona (Fort Huachuca) Cochise Click here President Linda Terres, CDFM-A linda.j.terres.civ@mail.mil
Arizona (Luke AFB) Thunderbird Click here President Chris Moore chris.moore.4@us.af.mil
Arizona (Yuma) Kachina   President Tina Manns, CDFM tee_manns@hotmail.com
Arkansas (Little Rock AFB) Razorback
President Tammy Garland tammy.garland@us.af.mil
At Large National Guard Click here President Col. Paul Wolfley, CDFM paul.a.wolfley.mil@mail.mil
California Barstow   President Conni Andrews, CDFM conni.lewellyn@usmc.mil
California Camp Pendleton      
California Fort Irwin      
California Los Angeles   President Terry Gutierrez mary.gutierrez@us.af.mil
California Monterey      
California San Diego Click here President Brenda Meyer brenda.meyer@navy.mil
California Vandenberg Click here President Andrew Tello andrew.tello@us.af.mil
California Ventura      
California So. Cal. Inland Empire   President Lt. Col. Karen Wood karen.wood@ang.af.mil
California (Beale AFB, Travis AFB, Sacramento) Forty-Niner Click here President Garrett Custons garrett.custons.1@us.af.mil
California (Edwards AFB) High Desert Click here President Kathleen Augustine kathleen.augustine@us.af.mil
California (NAS Lemoore) Central San Joaquin Valley      
California (Ridgecrest) China Lake   President Kathryn Killinger, CDFM kathryn.killinger@navy.mil
Colorado (Colorado Springs) Pikes Peak Click here President Lt. Col. Christine Millard, CDFM Christine.Millard@us.af.mil
Colorado (Denver) Mile High Click here Membership Chair Chieko Steely, CDFM-A chieko.steely@us.af.mil
Delaware (Dover AFB) Eagle   President Capt. Jasmine Paul jasmine.a.paul@gmail.com
District of Columbia Washington Click here President Krystyna Kolesar krystyna.m.kolesar.civ@mail.mil
Florida Greater Jacksonville Click here
President Genia Ziparo genia@myzipa.net
Florida (Eglin AFB) Gulf Coast Click here President Jeff DeCocker, CDFM-A jeffrey.decocker@us.af.mil
Florida (MacDill AFB) Tampa Bay Click here President Irina Velanovich irina.velanovich@us.af.mil
Florida (Miami) New Biscayne   President Maj. William Schuyler Jr., CDFM william.s.schuyler4.mil@mail.mil
Florida (Orlando) Central Florida Lightning Click here
President Bryan Turner, CDFM bturner2@cfl.rr.com
Florida (Patrick AFB) Space Coast   President Terrence Horner, CDFM-A terrence.horner.1@us.af.mil
Florida (Pensacola) Blue Angel      
Florida (Tyndall AFB) Panama City
President Joshua Chambers Joshua.Chambers.9@us.af.mil
Georgia Fort Benning Click here President William Sterling, CDFM william.sterling@us.army.mil
Georgia Greater Atlanta      
Georgia Winnersville      
Georgia (Albany) Southwest Georgia   President Ira Thompson Jr. ithompsonjr@yahoo.com
Georgia (Fort Gordon) Garden City Click here
President Donna Charles donna.m.charles.civ@mail.mil
Georgia (Fort Stewart) Dixie Click here President Pamela Rayman, CDFM-A pamela.j.rayman.civ@mail.mil
Georgia (Robins AFB) Middle Georgia Click here President Jercartney Jones jercartney.jones@us.af.mil
Georgia (Savannah) Coastal Georgia   President Cynthia Powers cynthia.r.powers@usace.army.mil
Hawaii Aloha Click here President Tasha Pettis, CDFM aatocshaaw.j.pettis.civ@mail.mil
Illinois Rock Island
President James Toohey, CDFM jim.toohey@us.army.mil
Illinois (Great Lakes) Chicago North Shore      
Illinois (Scott AFB) Land of Lincoln Click here President Jasolyn Evans, CDFM jasolyn.b.evans.civ@mail.mil
Indiana Indianapolis
President Jason Reyes jason.l.reyes.mil@mail.mil
Indiana National Guard Click here President Col. Paul Wolfley, CDFM paul.a.wolfley.mil@mail.mil
Kansas (Fort Leavenworth) Pioneer Click here President Maj. Carla Brown, CDFM-A carla.a.brown3.mil@mail.mil
Kansas (Ft Riley) Bison      
Kansas (McConnell AFB) Air Capital   President Pamela Porsch pamela.porsch@us.af.mil
Kentucky Fort Campbell   President Rodney L. King, CDFM-A rodney.l.king14.civ@mail.mil
Kentucky Fort Knox Click here President Gail Kaatz gail.r.kaatz.civ@mail.mil
Louisiana New Orleans   President Justin Condon, CDFM justin.condon@usmc.mil
Louisiana (Barksdale AFB) Ark-La-Tex   President Jason Holcomb jason.holcomb@us.af.mil
Louisiana (Fort Polk) West Central Louisiana   President Anthony King, CDFM-A anthony.l.king2.civ@mail.mil
Maine (Limestone) Crown of Maine   President Pamela Caldwell pamela.j.caldwell6.civ@mail.mil
Maryland Chesapeake Click here President Mark Button, CDFM-A mark.k.button.civ@mail.mil
Maryland Fort Meade Click here President Steven Nicewarner, CDFM snicewarner@verizon.net
Maryland Southern Maryland   President Jerry Short theodore.short@navy.mil
Maryland (Frederick) Western Maryland      
Massachusetts (Hanscom AFB) Yankee Click here President Sarah Flaherty sarah.flaherty@us.af.mil
Michigan Southwest Michigan   President Lori Hopkins, CDFM lori.hopkins@dla.mil
Michigan (Detroit) Motor City   President Scott Weld scott.d.weld.civ@mail.mil
Minnesota (Minneapolis) Twin Cities   President Timothy Tamlyn, CDFM timothy.tamlyn.1@us.af.mil
Mississippi (Columbus) Magnolia   Treasurer Thomas McMurdy, CDFM thomas.mcmurdy@us.af.mil
Mississippi (Keesler AFB) Mississippi Sound Click here Treasurer Joshua Baker, CDFM-A joshua.m.baker@navy.mil
Mississippi (Vicksburg) Great River Click here President Phyllis Hudson, CDFM-A phyllis.s.hudson@usace.army.mil
Missouri Kansas City      
Missouri (Fort Leonard Wood) Ozark Click here President Shirrell Johnston shirrell.m.johnston.civ@mail.mil
Missouri (Whiteman AFB) Central Missouri   President Earl Alexander II, CDFM earl.alexander.1@us.af.mil
Montana (Malmstrom AFB) Big Sky      
Nebraska Greater Omaha   President Cameron Baumgartner, CDFM-A baumgarc@stratcom.mil
Nevada Las Vegas Click here President Capt. Tonya Satchell tonya.satchell@us.af.mil
New Jersey Picatinny Click here    
New Jersey (Fort Dix) Jersey Devil   President Armando Scerrato, Jr. armando.scerrato@us.af.mil
New Mexico White Sands Click here    
New Mexico (Albuquerque) Rio Grande Click here President Francisco Gonzales francisco.gonzales.5@us.af.mil
New York West Point   President Jaime Klein jaime.klein@usma.edu
New York (Fort Drum) Thousand Island   President Finda Woofter  
New York (Rome) Central NY Leatherstocking   President Tatyana Montik brian.j.norris3.civ@mail.mil
North Carolina (Camp Lejeune) Crystal Coast   President Capt. Lee Boyce, CDFM lee.boyce@marcent.usmc.mil
North Carolina (Fort Bragg) Sandhills Click here President Jeffrey Robinson, CDFM robinsje@soc.mil
North Carolina (Seymour Johnson AFB) Pamlico      
North Dakota (Grand Forks AFB) Dakota Lights      
North Dakota (Minot AFB) Roughrider   President Michael Dawson mdawson12@gmail.com
Ohio Cleveland Click here President John Giammo, CDFM john.j.giammo@nasa.gov
Ohio (Columbus) Buckeye Click here President Robert Hard robert.w.hard6.civ@mail.mil
Ohio (Wright Patterson AFB) Aviation Click here President Angela Ruter, CDFM angela.ruter@us.af.mil
Oklahoma (Altus AFB) Quartz Mountain   President Dianna Delany, CDFM dianna.delany@us.af.mil
Oklahoma (Fort Sill) Great Plains Click here President Barbara Milam, CDFM-A. alvin.w.peterson6.civ@mail.mil
Oklahoma (Tinker AFB) Sequoyah Click here President Michael Coleman, CDFM-A michael.coleman.1@us.af.mil
Oklahoma (Vance AFB) Cherokee Strip   President MSgt. Kimberly Chabarria robert.chabarria@us.af.mil
Overseas (Italy) Aviano   President Lt. Col. Michelle Libbey, CDFM-A michelle.libbey@us.af.mil
Overseas (Germany) Bavarian      
Overseas (Germany) Eifel      
Overseas (Germany) Greater Stuttgart Click here Mary Eisenhauer, CDFM mary.k.eisenhauer.civ@mail.mil
Overseas Guam      
Overseas Korea Click here President Rodney Gibson michael.coleman.1@us.af.mil
Overseas (Italy) Lion of St. Mark      
Overseas (Italy) Naples      
Overseas (Japan) Misawa   Member Chair Lt. Col. Ryan Carville, CDFM ryan.carville@us.af.mil
Overseas (Japan) Okinawa   President Elvin Caganap elvin.caganap@usmc.mil
Overseas (Germany) Rheinland-Pfalz Click here President Col. George Tombe IV, CDFM george.tombe@us.af.mil
Overseas (Japan) Rising Sun   President Msgt. Thomas Sebulsky, CDFM thomas.sebulsky@us.af.mil
Overseas (England) Royal Click here Member Chair Maj. Mary Mangum mary.mangum.1@us.af.mil
Overseas (Japan) Shogun      
Overseas (Turkey) Tarsus      
Overseas (Deployed, at Large) Desert Eagle      
Overseas (Japan) Yokosuka Click here Kelly Jabbusch kelly.jabbusch@fe.navy.mil
Pennsylvania Keystone Click here President Diana Kohler, CDFM-A diana.kohler@navy.mil
Pennsylvania Mason Dixon      
Pennsylvania NE Pennsylvania      
Pennsylvania Philadelphia   President Dr. Dwayne Dixon dwayne.dixon@dla.mil
Rhode Island Narragansett Bay      
South Carolina Charlestowne
President Virginia Pitts, CDFM-A virginia.pitts@navy.mil
South Carolina (Fort Jackson) Palmetto Click here President Stanley Brown, CDFM stanleybrown1@yahoo.com
South Carolina (Parris Island) Beaufort Low Country Click here    
South Carolina (Shaw AFB) SC Midlands   Member Chair SMSGT Joseph Johnson, CDFM-A jmj7one@gmail.com
South Dakota (Ellsworth AFB) Black Hills   President Bryant Stokes bryant.stokes.1@us.af.mil
Tennessee Tri-State   President Annie Dean annie.m.dean@usace.army.mil
Tennessee (Arnold AFB) Middle Tennessee Click here President Darrell Day, CDFM-A darrell.day@us.af.mil
Texas Central Texas
President Joann Courtland, CDFM joann.l.courtland.civ@mail.mil
Texas Corpus Christi      
Texas (Dyess AFB) Big Country   President Mikel Fair mikel.fair@us.af.mil
Texas (Fort Bliss) Amigo Click here President Michael Yearwood michael.yearwood@yahoo.com
Texas (Goodfellow AFB) Concho Valley   President Cory Lelek, CDFM cory.lelek@us.af.mil
Texas (San Antonio) Alamo City Click here President Rita Sams rita.sams@us.af.mil
Texas (Sheppard AFB) Red River   President Capt. Adrianna Perez pereza@miamioh.edu
Utah (Hill AFB) Utah Click here President Lisa Ortega, CDFM-A lisa.ortega@us.af.mil
Virginia Hampton Roads Click here President Ellen Helmerson ellen.m.helmerson.civ@mail.mil
Virginia Mount Vernon Click here President Kisha Morgan, CDFM-A klcmorgan3@gmail.com
Virginia NRO   President Angela May, CDFM-A may_angie@msn.com
Virginia Potomac      
Virginia Quantico   President Eric Morris eric.morris1@usmc.mil
Virginia (Fort Lee) Southside Virginia Click here President William Stanley Jr., CDFM william.r.stanley10.civ@mail.mil
Washington (Fairchild AFB) Inland Northwest   President Lt. Col. Khalim Taha khalim.taha@us.af.mil
Washington (Puget Sound area) Evergreen   President Rodney Gray rodney.a.gray@navy.mil
Wisconsin Green Tree   President Maureen Richardson, CDFM maureen.m.richardson.civ@mail.mil
Wyoming (Warren AFB) Cowboy   President Marshall Leipprandt marshall.leipprandt.1@us.af.mil

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