1. General Information

The membership year is based on the initial month that a member joins, is valid for one year and renewal is due each year in the same month (anniversary month). Dues are set by the National Executive Committee and include a rebate to the chapter.

Currently individual (active, associate, life) dues are $40, with a $8 rebate to chapters. Three year payments of $114 are available, with a $23 rebate going to the local chapter. Chapters may choose to charge a higher dues on a local level. However, each chapter is required to file annually with National Headquarters a current schedule of additional dues, fees and surcharges.Only paid members are considered members in good standing and eligible for benefits.

2. Types of Membership

There are five classes of individual membership within ASMC:

  1. Active: These are persons who are, or have been, employed as professionals in the resource management field as an employee of DoD or US Coast Guard.
  2. Life: Those active members who have been in good standing for twenty consecutive years or who are past National Presidents.
  3. Associate: Persons who, though not qualified for Active or Life membership, demonstrate an interest in the resource management field. Examples of this type of member would be persons in the resource management field who employed by Federal Departments other than Defense or state governments or by a contractor.
  4. Honorary: Persons making significant contributions to resource management who are not eligible for, or who would not otherwise be expected to join, one of the other classes of membership. These applicants must be nominated by a Chapter President or National Executive Committee member and approved by the National President.
  5. Corporate: Corporate Members shall be corporations which demonstrate an interest in the military comptrollership field and who to remain in good standing, have paid the appropriate dues and fees.

3. Membership Applications

The membership application available from National HQ is the only official application that may be used. If local reproduction is desired, a chapter may duplicate this one. The duplication must be the same size and on white paper. Chapters may not design their own application. Please insist that all membership applications be typed or printed clearly. An application that is not legible can lead to errors on the membership certificate and in the database. We strongly encourage new members to join online at https://www.asmconline.org/membership/join-renew/. All fields should be complete, noting the following:

Chapter selection: A list of all ASMC chapters is available by calling National Headquarters, as well as on the website. If this information is not provided by the applicant, National Headquarters will assign a chapter. To insure that your recruits are credited to your chapter, fill this section in before handing out applications.

Demographics: Employer, Rank/Grade, Career Field, Birth Date, Gender and Duty Station are collected for demographic and marketing purposes only. Complete and accurate information in this area will help us to determine correct information about our membership.

Recruited by: This information will be used in determining the National Recruiter of the Year and other national campaign incentives. (for new members only) It is also used for local membership recruitment programming. Recruiter member number is needed to insure proper credit, especially for more common names.

Dues Submission: New Membership applications may be submitted to National Headquarters by the individual or chapter. Please do not send cash or checks drawn on foreign funds. If the chapter chooses to send new membership applications, the local dues share of $5.00 may not be retained and the chapter must send the application IMMEDIATELY.

4. Chapter Membership Rosters

Chapter membership rosters are available to the chapter president online. Directions on how to access the file are located here: https://www.asmconline.org/chapters/chapter-management/ The membership roster is live and reflects any changes. additions or transfers processed to date. The number of members on the roster should not be used for competition purposes as it may include members who are not currently paid.

5. Renewal Procedures

Each month, National Headquarters emails renewal notices to members whose membership is due within 90, 60 and 30 days. Additionally, paper invoices are sent to members who are within 60 days or their renewal date.  A member may receive up to three invoice notices if payment is not received.

Members will be dropped from the chapter roster if they are not paid within 3 months of their anniversary date. They are then considered a previous or lapsed member. A member is considered a member in good standing ONLY when dues are paid.

Membership Processing: Chapters may not send batches of membership. All renewals must come directly to National Headquarters in the full amount of $40. Cooperation from chapters in this policy will lower the administrative costs of mailing invoices. Chapter may collect an application from a new member, but it is critical that it be mailed in to National Headquarters immediately.

6. New Member Packets

After processing new member applications, National Headquarters will prepare a packet of information for the new member. Included in the packet will be:

  • Membership Certificate
  • Pledge of Professionalism
  • Welcome Card (Membership Card)

This packet is mailed to the new member by the 15th of each month for the month preceding. This means that a new member will receive the packet 2-5 weeks after joining, depending upon date joined. If an applicant was a previous member and rejoined, a new member packet is not provided unless specifically requested by the member or chapter.

7. Recruiting New Members

Now that you know how to answer all the question a potential new member might ask, how do you get them to join?

Do your homework. KNOW what services and benefits are available only to members. (Registration discounts at the national PDI, monthly luncheons, the Armed Forces Comptroller, PFCU VISA card, etc.) Know the intangible reasons members belong to the ASMC. (Leadership opportunities, networking) Know the potential member. Where is this person employed? Why would this person want to join? TALK to the potential member about your personal experiences with ASMC. What have you gained from your membership? Be enthusiastic and apply your experiences to what the potential is looking for in a professional society. SHOW the potential member the tangible benefits of membership: the latest Armed Forces Comptroller, a PDI program book, a luncheon flyer, a chapter newsletter or even your Pentagon Federal VISA card! Make it easy and for the potential to join immediately. PROVIDE an application and offer to mail it to National Headquarters. Mention the next chapter event and the discount available to members.

8. New Member Orientation

After you have given or accepted a membership application, remember to follow up. CALL the new member to reinforce his/her decision. Get the new member involved immediately. After all, an involved member is a happy member. Provide an orientation to the new member one-on-one or as a chapter event. The more benefit and the better the service a member receives from the society, the more likely a renewal will occur. New members should be recognized at chapter meetings and in the chapter newsletter.