The National Awards program is mailed to the chapters each July and publicized in the Fall issue of the Armed Forces Comptroller magazine. Forms are available by calling ASMC National Headquarters or through the ASMC Website at

Individual Achievement Award…An ongoing awards program presented annually to individuals who have been nominated for outstanding accomplishment within one of the functional fields of Comptrollership.

Team Achievement Award…This award is presented to teams of four or more individuals, within or across comptroller disciplines. Criteria includes impact on the way the organization, DoD financial community, U.S. Coast Guard, National Guard or Reserve establishment operate. The award category recognizes outstanding team performance, accomplishments, adoption of study results, outcome or savings, and excellence in the advancement of military comptrollership.

Essay Award…Three awards are presented for outstanding essays on a specified topic. The winning essays are published in the Armed Forces Comptroller magazine. This year’s topic is “What is customer service?”

Editorial Award…This award is presented to the author of the best article published in the four issues of the Armed Forces Comptroller magazine in the year preceding the National PDI. The award may also be given for significant contributions to the planning of editorial content in the magazine.

Research Award…This award recognizes individual or team efforts resulting in a specific written product that encapsulates the research effort, finding and recommendations. Awards are given to reports deemed to be significant or singularly outstanding.

Members’ Continuing Education …Grants are provided to members of ASMC to aid in financing their academic endeavors. Nominees must be entering or be in a field of study related to financial/resource management.

Scholarship Program…Monetary scholarships are presented to graduating high school seniors who have demonstrated outstanding leadership skills and academic achievements.

Corporate Member…This award recognizes a Corporate Member for outstanding contributions made to a local Chapter and the National Organization in the furtherance of the goals of the chapter and the society.

Chapter Leadership…recognizes individuals for outstanding leadership, accomplishment and support of the society at the chapter level.

Chapter Awards…Multiple awards are provided to the chapters in recognition of otstanding efforts. Chapters who wish to compete are required to submit an annual chapter report. Catergories include Five Star, Membership, Professional Development, Community Service, Newsletter and overall chapter competition.