It is the policy of the American Society of Military Comptrollers to encourage the formation of new chapters when it is in the best interest of both the Society and the prospective members of the new chapter. The Associate Director for Membership and Chapter Development will be in close contact during the new chapter's organizational period.  The National Headquarters, working with interested groups, must consider the following factors:

  • Are all of the prospective members eligible in accordance with the Society Bylaws?
  • Are the members of the interest group genuinely dedicated to forming a chapter to obtain the benefits of the Society's program?
  • Can the chapter maintain a good standing in the Society:
  • Through holding regular meetings?
  • By maintaining good attendance and good chapter programs?
  • By meeting its financial obligations?
  • Is there satisfactory evidence of permanence, stability, and growth?
  • Will a new chapter meet the needs and convenience of the members more readily than if they join an existing chapter or become members at large?
  • Will the chapter avail itself of the full Society program benefits accruing from participation with other chapters and professional organizations in immediate geographic areas?

1. Basis of Local Chapter Organization

Local chapters of the American Society of Military Comptrollers are established by a charter issued by the National Executive Committee. The initiative for the formation of a chapter must come from at least 6 prospective members of the proposed chapter. Each chapter shall be a part of the American Society of Military Comptrollers as a whole, while still being an autonomous legal entity. Since local conditions in different communities vary, each chapter should adopt local by-laws consistent with the National by-laws, and operate with as much independence as is consistent with the purpose of the Society. The National Headquarters will expect to receive timely reports from each chapter and will do everything possible to assist the chapter.

2. When a Chapter May be Formed

The National Executive Committee may grant a charter: (a) when there is a need for a chapter in selected locales to further the purposes and objectives of the Society, (b) when there is evidence to indicate the continued professional success of a proposed chapter; and (c) when the National Executive Committee is assured that the initial applicants for the proposed charter have taken into consideration the current and potential membership in the community.

The Society has prescribed the following guidance for groups contemplating the organization of a local chapter:

Minimum Membership Requirements – A minimum of 6 persons involved with Military Comptrollership/Financial Management/Resource Management and who can qualify for full membership status are required as a nucleus for a proposed chapter.

Potential Members – The Society must be assured that there are sufficient numbers of potential members to create a chapter of adequate strength to continually operate successfully. The National Executive Committee may suggest or recommend total membership requirements to assure the success of any prospective chapter.

Chapter Territory – The total geographical territory of any chapter should be sufficiently large so as to include camps, posts, stations, bases, etc. in which financial management activities are carried on, but small enough to allow members in any part of a chapter's territory to attend meetings regularly.

3. Chapter Name

The name of every chapter will be "AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MILITARY COMPTROLLERS – ____CHAPTER." The words appearing in the blank should indicate the approximate location of the headquarters of the chapter, which should indicate the name of a city or geographical area. The chapter's proposed name should be coordinated with the National Headquarters before finalized.

4. Form of Petition

The application for a prospective chapter's charter, supported by at least 6 completed membership applications (or transfer requests) shall be submitted to the National Headquarters in the form of a petition. The opening paragraph of this petition should generally read as follows:

'The undersigned prospective members of the American Society of Military Comptrollers – ___ Chapter, whose membership applications (or requests for transfer of membership) are attached, attest that they subscribe to the ASMC constitution and by-laws and request a local chapter of the Society in the community defined below…"

Immediately following the end of the quote in the preamble, there should be a complete description of the chapter territory. The petition of the proposed chapter should also list the activities in their territory with some indication of the financial management operations being performed by each activity described. This section of the petition constitutes a basis for the National Headquarters to judge the possibilities for future growth of the proposed chapter.

The signature of each prospective member should follow the proposed text outlined above. Under each signature the full name, address, and commercial telephone number of the petitioner should be typed. The signature and typed name and address of the prospective member to whom all communications in connection with the petition should be addressed should appear at the bottom of the petition.

5. Permanent Organization

The petitioning chapter becomes a permanent part of the Society with the issuance of a charter by the National Headquarters, ASMC. As soon as practicable after its charter has been granted, the chapter should elect officers in accordance with the provisions of its chapter by-laws. One of the first duties of the permanent officers should be the ratification of all acts which have been taken by the temporary officers which were considered to be necessary for the formation and continuity of the newly chartered chapter. After this action, the chapter's Executive Committee will be in a position to function as a part of the Society.

6. Activating the New Chapter

Copies of a model ASMC chapter constitution and by-laws are located on the ASMC website for guidance. Formal acceptance of a set of chapter by-laws by the chapter membership is a requirement of the Society for formal recognition of the chapter's petition. Acceptance of the by-laws may be achieved by a motion adopted by the chapter membership prior to commencing chapter activities. Functional policies and procedures not covered in the by-laws are left to the discretion of the chapter, except that they shall not conflict nor be inconsistent with the adopted by-laws.

The chapter's treasurer may wish to open a chapter bank account to deposit new chapter member's dues and utilize a single check in remitting the dues to National Headquarters.

A chapter post office box or similar central address is the most desirable way to establish a permanent mailing address.

Individual membership certificates will be mailed directly to the members. As soon as the names of the chapter members are added to the Society's computer system, the chapter president may obtain an up-to-date membership roster within his/her membership profile.

When the necessary organization arrangements have been completed, a National Officer or other appropriate representative will present the new charter to the chapter, when possible. Presentation will take place during an installation meeting at a place and on a date chosen by the chapter. This presentation offers an excellent opportunity for press attention and for appropriate greetings by civic officials and officers of other professional societies.

Each ASMC chapter has a high degree of autonomy with respect to the conduct of chapter meetings, scheduling committee activities, and planning chapter programs. However, a twelve month plan of chapter programs and speakers, projects, research work, and similar activities is desirable. A copy of the initial annual plan (and all subsequent program plans) should be provided to National Headquarters. The Society's central aim is to create a practical means for discussion, exchange of information, and self-education for the members' professional improvement.

Those day-to-day policies developed by the local chapter, which are subject to periodic review and change, should be incorporated in a loose-leaf chapter handbook. Generally, policies will naturally divide themselves into several categories such as meetings, dues, committees, and election procedures. As these policies are adopted by the chapter's Executive Committee or the general membership, they should be indexed and placed within the proper category in the chapter handbook. The handbook will soon become a valuable reference to the functions of the chapter. Newsletters from National Executive Director should be filed in the chapter's handbook.

7. Summary of Questions

Please make sure you include the following in your petition for a charter:

  • The proposed name for your chapter?
  • The chapter territory?
  • The Defense and USCG activities in the proposed chapter territory. Be sure to give some indication of the financial management activities being performed by each activity.
  • Potential chapter size?
  • The names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the proposed members. Include a point of contact for use until permanent officers are elected.

For more information on setting up a new chapter, contact