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Group Webinar Pricing for ASMC Chapters2021-01-25T10:15:03-05:00

ASMC is offering a new educational benefit to Chapters only beginning in 2021! We will offer group pricing for Chapters that want to host up to 32 members per webinar making it more economical and efficient for members to attend. Starting in February, 2021, chapters may purchase one, three or six group webinars at once, receiving a dramatic savings per member. If you are a chapter representing a small membership, you may partner with one or two other Chapters to take advantage of the savings. Purchase of even just one group webinar can offer substantial savings to a Chapter hosting its members:

  • 1 Webinar Package = $400.00 for a max of 32 members or $12.50 per person if 32 attend
  • 3 Webinar Package (10% discount) = $1,080.00 for a max of 32 members or $11.25 if 32 attend
  • 6 Webinar Package (20% discount) = $1,920.00 for a max of 32 members or $10.00 if 32 attend

Packages must be used within two, six or nine months respectively.

It’s easy! After you purchase your webinar package, email, letting us know which webinars you will be utilizing. Once you’ve confirmed your first webinar, the Chapter POC will receive instructions on how to register and manage members for each webinar within Engage. All attendees must be members in good standing with ASMC.

Please email with any questions regarding this offer. You may also call ASMC Headquarters at 703-549-0360.

To view our upcoming webinars, please visit:


If a chapter is small and does not have 32 people to send, will they be charged at a prorated rate?2021-01-19T15:37:11-05:00

No, at this time, we are not offering tiered chapter rates. Chapters can either work with another small chapter to combine their resources and members. Or if you have 15+ participants, the chapter webinar rate would still offer a savings over the individual member rate.

If a chapter has more than 32 participants, how do we register the additional members?2021-01-19T15:36:25-05:00

Any member over 32 would need to register at the individual member rate.

If a chapter does not fill all 32 slots, can a member from another chapter enroll in the first chapter’s group?2021-01-19T15:35:14-05:00

Yes, if small chapters want to partner together to provide this member benefit to their members, you can allow other chapter members to register in your group.

Can a chapter register a non-member as part of this chapter discount rate?2021-01-19T15:34:16-05:00

No. This discounted rate is a member benefit.

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