Installation of chapter officers should take place no later than the first Executive Committee meeting of the new fiscal year. It is best to install new officers at a general meeting of the membership. The installing officer should be a national officer, past chapter president or other high level personnel from the installation. The ceremony used for installation is:

Introductory remarks by the installing officer, followed by

“It is my privilege to install the officers of the __________________________ chapter of the American Society of Military Comptrollers for the chapter year ____________, 20xx to _____________, 20xx.”

New officers are called forward

“The pledge you are about to take admits you to an office of great honor and responsibility. You must be prepared to accept administrative responsibilities and obligations. The success of your term can be measured in several ways: the participation of the chapter members in events; the presentation of training events to members; the participation by the chapter in National programs; and in membership growth and retention. Your job is to develop all of these programs to the maximum extent possible.”

Ask the Audience to Stand

“As leaders, you are expected to maintain high standards in all Society programs and never compromise honesty and integrity. With the full realization of the demands of the office in terms of time, travel and commitment to the duties of leadership, if you are willing to accept this honor, please raise your right hand (optional) and repeat after me.”

The following oath may be done as a group or one officer at a time.

“I, ______________________________ (name), in carrying out my duties as an elected officer in the American Society of Military Comptrollers, do sincerely pledge myself to support the Society and its purpose, to promote its activities and to abide by the Constitution and By-Laws.”

Congratulatory Remarks