The Administration issued a new performance management strategy with the release of the FY 2011 budget.  An overview of the strategy argues that the public sector has lagged far behind the private sector in “utilizing new management techniques and information technologies to boost productivity, cut costs, and deliver previously unheard of levels of customer service.”  According to the OMB document, the Administration will address performance management in a three-pronged strategy:  1) use performance information to improve outcomes; 2) communicate clearly to the public on the priorities, problems, and progress of government programs; and 3) strengthen problem-solving networks utilizing resources inside and outside government.  The new performance strategy also listed the high priority performance goals identified by each agency.  Among DoD’s resource management goals were:  1) streamline the hiring process; 2) implement the DoD-wide in-sourcing initiative; 3) increase audit readiness; and 4) reform the acquisition process.