ADM Jonathon Greenert, Chief of Naval Operations (CNO), issued his Navigation Plan for FY2014-18 that sets a course for the Navy “to remain ready to meet current challenges, build a relevant and capable force, and enable and support our Sailors, Civilians, and their families.”

The Navigation Plan, Greenert said, defines how the Navy will “organize, train, and equip” its force and describes “the investments that support the missions outlined in the defense strategic guidance (DSG).”

Greenert acknowledged the significant budgetary challenges the Navy faces from sequestration and a potential FY2014 Continuing Resolution (CR). But, he said even with potential budget cuts the Navy “will continue to operate forward with ready forces, where it matters, when it matters.”

The Navigation Plan describes the Navy’s priorities in Greenert’s three tenets: Warfighting First; Operate Forward; and Be Ready.

The Navy’s first consideration is to sustain “the ability to fight and win today, while building the ability to win tomorrow,” he said. The Navy’s budget will continue to invest in capabilities to meet near-term challenges while developing future capabilities. The Navy, he stressed, will deter and defeat aggression by implementing the Air-Sea Battle (ASB) concept.

The best Navy is “forward and ready to respond where it matters, when it matters,” Greenert emphasized. The Navy budget will deliver a fleet sized and ready to provide the necessary overseas presence directed in the Global Force Management Allocation Plan (GFMAP), he said. The Navy also rebalances its forces toward the Asia-Pacific region, while continuing to support partners in the Middle East, he said.

Greenert emphasized that “Ready Sailors and Civilians remain the source of the Navy’s warfighting capability.” The Navy will continue to “deploy ready and proficient forces,” he underscored. The budget “puts a premium on readiness” and supports “effective maintenance and timely modernization,” he said.

Greenert advised he will update the plan if there are substantial changes in the Navy’s course and will issue a “Position Report” later in the year.