The FY2015 Coast Guard budget (included in the Department of Homeland Security budget) totals $9.8 billion. This is $.6 billion less than enacted in FY2014 (excluding Overseas Contingency Operations supplemental funding).

The Coast Guard’s FY 2015 Budget reflects a deliberate balance between preserving today’s most critical font-line operations and investing in tomorrow’s Coast Guard,” according to the Coast Guard budget overview.

The request includes $8.1 billion in discretionary funding (to be appropriated by Congress) and $1.7 billion in mandatory funding (including retired pay).

Operating expenses account for $6.75 billion of the FY 2015 discretionary budget, essentially unchanged from the FY2014 enacted level. These amounts fund Coast Guard operational activities worldwide, including personnel costs.

The FY2015 acquisition, construction, and Improvements discretionary request of $1.1 billion ($0.3 billion lower than FY2014) finances the acquisition of new assets and construction of new facilities and improvements to existing facilities.

The FY2015 Coast Guard budget supports its three priorities: invest in long-term operational capacity; strengthen resource and operational stewardship; and preserve critical front-line operations.

The principal investments funded in the acquisition budget comprise: $803 million for new vessels, including the eighth National Security Cutter (NSC) (completing recapitalization of the High Endurance Cutter fleet) and two Fast Response Cutters (FRC) (replacing the aging fleet of 110-foot patrol boats); $68 million for aircraft, including H-65 helicopter enhancements and modernization and sustainment of HH-65 helicopters (converting to MH-65 Short-Range Recovery (SRR) helicopters); and $57 million for other projects, including C4ISR systems and the Coast Guard Information Management System.

To strengthen resource and operational stewardship, the FY2015 budget proposes reductions and savings that allow the Coast Guard to focus resources on the highest priorities. The budget plans to decommission two High endurance Cutters and eight Island Class Patrol Boats that are being replaced by NSCs and FRCs, and retire three HC-130Hs (for transfer to the Forest Service). The budget request would implement $63 million in efficiencies and $44 million in operational adjustments, and redirect $10.5 million in reserve training.

The FY2015 Coast Guard budget preserves critical front-line operations by funding: parity with the Department of Defense (DoD) in military pay (1 percent pay increase) and allowances, civilian pay (1 percent pay increase) and operations and maintenance funding of new assets (e.g., NSC-5, HC-144A, FRCs, and shore-side support for the Charleston, SC and San Juan PR home ports).

You can find details of the budget request in the FY2015 Coast Guard budget justification material