The House approved the Senate's version of the FY2010 supplmental appropriations bill this week and the president quickly signed the bill.  Last week (see Highlights, July 23, 2010) the Senate rejected a House proposal to add billions of dollars for domestic programs, signaling that it would only support the bill it passed in late May.  The House then reconsidered and passed the Senate bill 308-114.  The recent publication of thousands of classified documents by WikiLeaks caused concern about operations in Afghanistan among some House democrats, but not enough to derail the spending bill.  The final bill provides $33 billion for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and about $4 billion in foreign aid, primarily for Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq.  The bill also includes non war-related funding from the Senate bill for FEMA disaster relief ($5.1 billion), aid to Haiti ($2.9 billion), benefit payments to Vietnam veterans and survivors for exposure to Agent Orange ($13.4 billion), and $68 million for the Gulf oil spill.  Final congressional action came this week after DOD and the Military Services again warned that serious budgetary actions would have to be taken unless funding relief came before August.