In separate actions last week, the House and Senate rejected proposals to freeze federal civilian pay in FY2011.  In the House, a proposed amendment to the FY2011 Defense Authorization Bill to deny federal employees a 1.4 percent pay raise in FY2011 was ruled out of order because it was not germane to the main bill.  The Senate, rejected an amendment to the FY2010 supplemental appropriations bill that would have frozen federal civilian salaries to help pay for the war costs in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Both attempts to freeze pay were vigorously opposed by federal employee unions, employee associations, and Senators and members of Congress with large federal employee constituencies.  This may not be the end of efforts to freeze or reduce the size of the federal pay raise.  Supporters of such action may continue to introduce amendments as appropriations bills come to the House and Senate floor.  But right now, it appears that there is little general support in Congress to freeze federal pay.