DoD civilian employees will not be receiving furlough notices today as originally planned.  DoD Press Secretary George Little said in a press release yesterday the delay of about two weeks would give the department time to “carefully analyze the impact of pending continuing resolution legislation.”

Furlough notices are now expected be sent out around April 5.

Little said DoD has not yet determined if the funding levels and the details of the final FY2013 appropriations bill will change the plans for 22 furlough days for most of DoD’ civilian employees.

Yesterday the House agreed to a Senate-passed FY2013 Continuing Resolution that provided separate appropriations for DoD at a level above FY2012 and also provided needed flexibility to mitigate somewhat the effects of the sequester. 

The DoD bill set O&M funding for FY2013 at $10.4 billion above the FY2012 level, provided $3.5 billion in transfer authority to enable DoD to move funds to higher priority needs in the base bill, and $3.5 billion in transfer authority for Overseas Contingency Operations.