DoD names John James to shut down NSPS

DoD names John James to shut down NSPS

DoD has named John H. James as the Director of the National Security Personnel System (NSPS) Transition Office.  James is currently serving as the executive director for logistics, maintenance, and industrial operations at the Naval Sea Systems Command.  His new job will be primarily to: 1) close down the NSPS (repealed in the FY2010 Defense Authorization Act); 2) direct the transition of former NSPS employees to other pay systems; and 3) design a new DoD-wide performance management and bonus distribution system for civilian employees.  He has said that he would work closely with employee union representatives during the transition to a new system.

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  1. Robert Dangredo February 1, 2010 at 8:47 am

    NSPS employees are about to be shortchanged in comparison to every other Government Service employee. DOD employees who were forced to participate in NSPS are now being forced to accept sub-standard pay during their migration back to the GS System. An employee who whould have been at least one step higher is bing told they will not lose pay. The problem is the pay in the NSPS system was so sub-standard for the past several years that they have fallen behind their counterparts. So now the GS employee who was not conscripted into NSPS is now ahead of the GS employee paywise.

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