The Department of Defense (DoD) presented the David Packard Excellence in Acquisition Award this week to four teams for their acquisition excellence, especially in executing Better Buying Power initiatives.

The awards, started in 1997 to Honor former Deputy Secretary of Defense David Packard, recognize organizations, groups, and teams that “have demonstrated superior program management, exemplary innovation, and accomplishment.” The awardees were selected from teams nominated by the Military Departments and other DoD Components. Each Military Department could nominate five teams and each Component two teams.

Ashton Carter, Deputy Secretary of Defense, told recipients their accomplishment “showcase precision, business acumen, innovation, dedication and teamwork at every stage of the acquisition process.” Carter said their work “saved billions of dollars and demonstrates that stewardship of public funds is a top priority for DoD and its employees.

The awards were given to: the Army and Marine Corps Joint Light Tactical Team for “cost-saving efforts in restoring the mobility, payload carrying capacity, rotary wing transportability and overall safety of Army and Marine Corps light tactical vehicles;” the Navy Air and Missile Defense Radar team for “cost saving and risk reduction initiatives in the pre-engineering, manufacturing and development phase;” the Air Force HC-130J Combat King and MC-130J Commando II Program team for its “innovative recapitalization program;” and the Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization and Air Force Capital Region Information Technology team (DISA/Air Force) for cost saving ability to quickly respond to real-world needs.”

Carter said the winner’s efforts show that “we do not have to sacrifice performance and capabilities in order to achieve speed and savings.”