The total costs of 94 selected DoD acquisition programs stood at $1.672 billion in June 2010, reflecting  only a $53 million decline since last reported in December 2009.  The decline was due primarily to lower estimated costs for the C130 avionics modernization program.  Cost estimates for other programs were unchanged over the last six months.  The cost estimates for these selected programs are reported every 6 months in the Selected Acquisition Reports (SARs).  Total program costs in the SARS reflect cost, schedule, and performance status.  Estimates of total program costs include actual costs to date and estimated future costs.  DoD prepares these congressionally-required reports annually, but also quarterly for programs that experience cost increases of 15 percent or more, and schedule delays of at least six months.  DoD also prepares quarterly reports for a program’s initial and final report, or for programs that are rebaselined during major milestone reviews.