In a report prepared by the Business Transformation Agency (BTA), DoD told Congress that it made important improvements in business systems modernization in 2009.  The report highlighted DoD’s leveraging of improved investment management, a robust Business Enterprise Architecture (BEA), and the implementation of lessons learned to create more effective and responsive business operations.  Under Secretary Bill Lynn stated in a cover letter to the report that the successes from continuous process improvement and strong management have “positioned the Department to realize even greater gains in coming years.”  DoD is required by law (National Defense Authorization Act of FY2005, Sec. 332) to report annually, through 2013, on 1) its progress against milestones and performance priorities; 2) the number of  certified modernized business systems; 3) business system modernizations over $1 million that were not certified; and 4) business systems improvements and resulting savings.  According to a press release from BTA, this is the first report to show how business systems help to implement the strategic priorities and goals of the 2009 Strategic Management Plan (SMP).