In a letter to the House and Senate Armed Services Committees, Federal Managers Association president Patricia J. Niehaus warned of potential pay freezes for many top performers as the NSPS transitions to other pay plans.  Under the current NSPS transition rules, some NSPS employees moving back into a GS pay framework could see future pay raises reduced significantly.  According to Niehaus, as many as 40,000 former NSPS employees (20 to 25 percent of the total), whose past pay raises have moved their pay to pay levels higher than the salary caps that exist for their assigned GS grade level, will receive only one-half of future designated pay raises until their pay falls below the cap.  This, Niehaus charged, affects the best performing employees.  DoD has stated that no employees would see lower pay as a result of the transition, but does acknowledge that some employees will see their future pay raises limited by the transition rules.  In her letter, Niehaus asked the committees to asked legislative action to mitigate the future pay raise implications of the current rules.