The FY2011 Department of Defense Enterprise Transition Plan (ETP) “is easier to navigate and is designed around an efficient and enjoyable reader experience.” According to a press release issued by the Business Transformation Agency (BTA) this week, users and managers now have “click easy” access to their systems modernization plans. Through web 2.0 technology, there is a dashboard for each system and managers can view performance measures and milestones in one location. The FY2011 ETP includes information for 220 defense business systems that are currently being modernized or will begin modernization in FY2011. Managers can use dashboard views that show: planned milestones; measures for core systems; information on legacy systems; and resource requirements. The FY2011 EFT overview lists the four areas of focus: 1) improving interoperability; 2) streamlining the acquisition process; 3) reengineering processes; and 4) making infrastructures more cost effective. In FY2011, DoD plans to spend almost $7 billion on business systems in FY2011, with two-thirds for existing systems and one-third for modernization efforts. The EFT is prepared under the requirements of the FY2005 Defense Authorization Act. The Act directed DoD to prepare an acquisition strategy for new systems and develop a list of defense business legacy systems that are either included or not included in the target enterprise architecture.