President Obama will release the FY2014 federal budget to the public and Congress on Wednesday April 10, 2013.

The budget is normally sent to Congress on the first Monday on February.  Earlier this year Acting OMB Director Jeffrey Zients told Congress the budget would be late because of the delays in enacting the “American Taxpayer Relief Act” (signed on January 2, 2013) and completing action on FY2013 appropriations bills.  Final action on FY2013 was not finished until a few weeks ago.

After the FY2014 budget is released Wednesday morning, senior administration officials will brief the press and begin testifying before congressional oversight committees.  Zients will hold a press conference on Wednesday and is will appear before the House Budget Committee Thursday morning (April 11) and the Senate Budget Committee Thursday afternoon.

On Wednesday, Secretary Hagel will address the press on the FY2014 DoD budget request.  Hagel and General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, will testify before the House Armed Services Committee Thursday morning.  Hagel and Dempsey are scheduled to appear before the Senate Armed Services Committee on April 17.  The Service Secretaries and the Military Chiefs will also testify on the FY2014 budget request over the next few weeks.

Later this week Highlights will include a brief overview of the FY2014 DoD budget request and identify links to official statements and available budget material.