The General Accounting Office (GAO) this week sent Congress its analysis of DoD’s report to Congress on the Business Modernization Program (see Highlights, April 2, 2010).  The FY2005 Defense Authorization Act requires DoD to report annually on the performance of its business system investments and GAO to review those reports.  GAO has had DoD’s business systems modernization program on its high risk list since 1995.  While GAO agrees that the DoD report “complies with statutory requirements” for content, it criticized DoD for having a too limited scope and for not providing complete information.  Specifically, GAO states the report 's information on system investment certifications is incomplete and it does not contain adequate data on cost, capability, and benefits commitments performance measures.  Without this additional information, GAO maintains that Congress cannot provide meaning oversight of the program.  To improve the reporting, GAO recommends that Congress amend the law to require DoD to: 1) report cost, capability, and benefit performance measures and actual performance for each business system investment; 2) report all certification actions taken in the previous year; and 3) revise DoD guidance to require certifications to identify weaknesses reported by GAO and progress on action to correct them.