In a speech to the National Defense University, the General Accountability Offices' (GAO) Acting Comptroller General, Gene Dodaro, urged DoD to work in a more collaborative way with other agencies, particularly State and the Agency for International Development (AID), to meet the changing "complexities" in the national security environment.  Dodaro was critical of existing planning and budgeting processes that reflect individual agencies' concerns rather than a collective, interactive approach to meeting national security goals.  He cautioned that the current fiscal environment facing DoD and other agencies make the need for stronger partnerships, interactive planning, and mutually-addressed solutions even more important today.  The complex nature of emerging threats to US security "transcend the scope and authority of any one agency" he said.  Dodaro also criticized DoD's business management failures, lapses in cost control, and its stove-piped approaches to planning and budgeting.  He said they have produced inefficiencies and program and budget mismatches.  Regarding DoD's financial management improvement efforts, Dodaro thinks the current prioritization of efforts identified by the DoD Comptroller is reasonable, but a long-term commitment by senior leadership is essential to success.  He also encouraged DoD to continue its efforts to address GAO-identified contracting and asset management weaknesses.  On Interagency planning cooperation, he listed four opportunities where agencies can improve their collaboration efforts:  1) develop and implement overarching and integrated national security strategies; 2) formalize coordination mechanisms; 3) develop well-trained workforces; and 4) share and integrate security information across agencies.