The House Appropriations Defense Subcommittee (HAC-D) marked-up the FY2011 DoD Appropriations bill last week.  The HAC-D bill provides $523.9 billion for the base budget (excluding Overseas Contingency Operations), $7 billion less than the president requested.  Details of the HAC-D bill are not yet available, but according to the Subcommittee press release, the bill funds the requested 1.4 percent increase in military pay and adds more than $500 million to the Defense Health Program ($31.5 billion).  The subcommittee highlighted funding increases for National Guard equipment (+$1.5 billion), research and development funding (+$550 million), intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) (+$248 million) special operations capabilities (+$250 million), and the construction of an additional Mobile Landing Platform.  However, the subcommittee’s allocation from the Appropriations Committee was $7 billion under the president’s request so it had to make significant reductions to meet its target.  The subcommittee did not announce specific reductions, but a review of the summary table shows that procurement programs were cut by $4.8 billion (about 45 percent coming from AF aircraft programs) and operation and maintenance funding was cut by $2.7 billion).  In separate funding for Overseas Contingency Operations, the bill provides $157.7 billion, $250 million less than the request.  The full committee will take up the bill when Congress returns from recess in early September.