In a speech this week, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) confirmed what many had suspected—the House will not pass a budget resolution for FY2011-16.  Rather, he expects the House to pass an abbreviated resolution for only FY2011.  The annual budget resolution, often referred to as a “congressional budget blueprint,” sets revenue and appropriations targets for the tax writing and appropriations committees so they can begin work on the president's budget request.  In order to kick start the appropriations process, Hoyer expects the House to pass an “enforcement resolution” for FY2011.  Hoyer said that Congress should only address FY2011 and wait for the recommendations from the bipartisan commission on the deficit before considering future years.  This House resolution, which could be attached to the rule for the FY2010 war cost supplemental, may set total federal spending levels up to $7 billion below that requested by the president for FY2011.  There has been little movement on the Senate on the budget resolution.  The Senate Budget Committee in April reported out a resolution, but has been unable to get it the bill to the Senate floor.