The Department of the Navy and the Department of the Treasury announced last week that the Navy Cash Stored Value Card (SVC) program has been completed throughout the Navy active fleet.  Sailors and Marines at sea now are able to put money onto cash cards automatically from their home bank accounts or pay checks.  As a result, personnel aboard ships do not have to worry about carrying and securing cash and have instant access to their funds as needed.  In addition, the Navy is incurring significant savings in the costs to transport, secure, account for, and disburse cash.  According to the press release, SVC is allowing ships to carry 75 percent less cash on deployments.  Since the SVC program began implementation in 2001, 374,000 cards have been issued and the system has been installed on 154 ships.  Currently, the program is also being installed on ships as they are built, increasing the total installations to 156.  The Army and the Air Force also use SVC technology.  EZpay was introduced in 1997 as a cash management plan for the Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps.  EagleCash, started in 1999, supports deployed personnel and operations overseas for contingency operations and peacekeeping missions.