Navy Secretary Ray Mabus named Terry Halvorsen to be its new Chief Information Officer (CIO).  As the Navy’s CIO, Halvorsen will be the senior official on Information Management and Information Technology (IT)/cyberspace and will develop strategies, plans, policies, and standards for these areas.  According to the Navy announcement, he will also serve as the DoD Cyber/IT Workforce Community Leader, Critical Infrastructure Assurance Advisor, and Senior Military Component Official for Privacy.  Halvorsen has been serving as the Deputy Commander, Navy Cyber forces since January 2010.  Prior to that post, he was the Deputy Commander, Naval Network Warfare Command, which is responsible for network, space, and information operations, and knowledge management support for Navy’s ships and some 800,000 computer network users.  Halvorsen began his civilian federal and Navy service in 1985 as the Curriculum Instructional Standards Officer for Navy Cryptology Training at Corry Station, Florida.  He held numerous training positions in the Navy before becoming the Executive Director, Naval Personnel Development Command, which oversees all Navy individual training, and in 2006 became the Acting Director, Naval Education and Training Command.  Halvorsen’s military service included a variety of intelligence assignments as an officer in the U.S. Army.