Last week, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) introduced a new website ( aimed at showing how effective the government is at improving performance for a wide range of programs.  According to Jeffrey Zients, OMB’s Chief Performance Officer, the new site will include all the needed tools to track the progress of efforts to “create a government that is more effective, efficient, and responsive.” 

Zients said the site will provide access to dashboards, data, and descriptions of best practices (many of which are now included on separate sites) for initiatives in eight focus areas:  Acquisition; Financial Management; Human Resources; Technology; Performance Improvement; Open Government; Sustainability; and Customer Service.

Users can use the website to track metrics that measure the performance of selected agency programs for “key initiatives” in each focus area.  The “key initiatives” page for a particular area describes the initiative, identifies government-wide goals, and has a link to “agency snapshots” that include detailed information on selected agency programs. 

For example, the “Reduce Improper Payments” page under Financial Management has a link to a Department of Defense agency snapshot page.  This page displays information on the level of improper payments and the progress being made lower the improper payment rates for Military Pay, Military Health Benefits, Travel, Pay, Civilian Pay, and Military Retirement Benefits.