The National Security Personnel System (NSPS) office issued on its website the first 4 chapters of its guidance for the transition from NSPS to GS and a transition calculation tool.  The transition guidance material is designed to provide an overall understanding of personnel actions related to the transition, answers to common questions concerning the transition, and scheduling and regulatory information.  Chapter 1 describes the processes including classification, pay, staffing, and performance management.  Chapter 2 deals with position classification issues.  Chapter 3 addresses pay-setting rules, and Chapter 4 discusses staffing.  The updated NSPS transition simulator provides a guide to determining, unofficially, the salary and step for employees who are not covered by a special salary rate.  The employee enters information pertinent to their situation, such as, NSPS pay schedule and pay band, estimated GS grade for the employee’s position (the employee will be notified of the official grade at the time of transition), and the base salary from the employee’s leave and earnings statement (LES).  If you have any questions, NSPS advises that you contact your human resources office.