The NSPS Transition Office has released the final chapter of its "NSPS to GS Transition Guide" (Chapter 5, Performance Management).   According to the NSPS website, this chapter is to be used by “Human Resources Practitioners in transitioning employees from NSPS to the General Schedule (GS) system.”  This chapter contains information for transitioning employees on: 1) Performance management during transition; 2) NSPS pay pools; 3) NSPS ratings of record; and 4) performance awards.  Of particular interest is a table showing the differences between performance appraisal under the NSPS Performance Management system and the DoD Performance Appraisal System, which will apply to transitioned employees.  The DoD Performance Appraisal System includes critical elements and performance standards, while the NSPS Performance Management system was based on job objectives and contributing factors.  NSPS transition officials report that 106,600 of the 226,000 former NSPS employees have transitioned to other pay plans through July 18, 2010.  Of those who have transitioned, almost 75 percent have received salary increases.  Of the remainder, about 22,000 (20 percent) were placed in pay retention status and received no increase.  These employees’ current pay is higher than their new GS classification, which means that they will receive only 50 percent of future annual pay raises until their pay comes in line with their new classification.