The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has introduced the first in a series of improvements to the USAJOBS website, the official federal government's job search and application website.

The purpose of these improvements is to make the application process more user-friendly for federal job applicants, according. OPM also expects these improvements will increase the number of completed job applications.

OPM surveyed job seekers and engaged human resource and design experts and specialists to develop these improvements, which include new capabilities and the incorporation of new U.S. Web Design Standards. This research effort determined that some users found the application process “difficult and frustrating” leading many to quit the process. The improvements to the website will address these concerns and will enhance the federal job seeking experience, OPM stressed.

The features of the improvements will: simplify the application process; reduce incomplete applications; and improve access to materials for completing the application process. The website will clearly show the steps to complete the application with a step-by-step process, OPM advised.

The new features on the website will make it easier for the federal job applicant to: track the progress of the application; find necessary documents without leaving the application process; save changes to the pending application; prepare, view, or delete a resume; attach resumes or other documents; and review the final application before submission. A video on the website briefly describes the features.

OPM will integrate additional features throughout the year to continue to improve the applicant's experience. Acting OPM Director Beth Colbert said “throughout the rest of the year, new features will be added to increase the usability of the USAJOBS website by enhancing the job application process for those interested in careers in the Federal Government.”