For PDI 2010 we recorded more than 30 workshops in addition to Service Day activities. These recorded sessions are available at PDI Online.

As an added feature, these recorded workshops and selected Service Day sessions are available on DVD.  Order your copy today using the MS Word or Adobe PDF order form or order online at Association Archives.

In addition to expanding the number and variety of recorded workshops, another of our objectives is to make as many as possible of these sessions Continuing Professional Education (CPE) creditable. More sessions with CPE credit will make it easier to attain and maintain current CDFM and other programs that require continuing education.

We are always interested in hearing how we can improve the ASMC PDI Online and make it more valuable and useful to you and the work you do. Please contact our Project Manager, Mr. Tom Boland, with your ideas or suggestions. He can be reached at or 571-214-1374.

Visit PDI Online today.