New information posted on the NSPS website shows that almost half of the 226,000 former NSPS employees will be in a new pay plan by the end of June.  John H. James, Jr, head of DoD’s NSPS transition office, stated that the transition process is ahead of schedule and that “an estimated 75 percent of NSPS employees will be transitioned this fiscal year.”   The completion of systems’ updates on April 25, 2010 will enable NSPS to transition a large number of employees quickly and allow the larger organizations to keep to the schedule.  This means that a substantial number of transitions will occur during the next two months.  NSPS projects that almost 51,000 NSPS employees will convert to GS in May and over 44,000 will follow in June.  Over half of these conversions will come in the Army.  According to the charts, shown on the website, three-quarters of NSPS employees will convert to GS positions, while the remaining 25 percent will return to other designated systems (e.g., 7 percent into a demonstration project for acquisition workers and 7 percent into a system for health care workers.  Mr. James encouraged all affected employees to communicate with their supervisors and human resources representatives throughout the process.  Highlights will continue to keep ASMC readers informed on the progress of the conversion.