Thank you to everyone who made PDI a success! Below, attendees will find valuable information regarding Evaluations for CDFM Training Modules and Mini-Courses, general surveys, and CET/CPEs. If you need to verify whether the educational session you participated in was a CDFM Training Module, Mini-Course, or Workshop, a complete list of all courses is available. You will find your course number, instructor, course description, type of course, and time and date of all courses at

Pre-PDI CDFM Training Modules & Mini-Course Evaluations

For attendees of pre-PDI CDFM Training Modules 1, 2, 3, and 4 conducted on Monday and Tuesday (29 and 30 May) and DoD FM Certification Program Mini-Courses conducted on Thursday and Friday (1 and 2 June), please be sure to fill out the corresponding Evaluation before Friday, 16 June, midnight EST, in order to receive direct credit toward meeting DoD FMCP requirements. Email reminders were sent both after the completion of each CDFM Training Module/Mini-Course, as well as at the end of the PDI; as well as announced by Al Runnels at each General Session. These Evaluations are available on the PDI website at

PLEASE READ: There are no Mandatory Evaluations for Microsoft Workshops and other Workshops. The Mandatory CDFM Training Module and Mini-Course Evaluations are ONLY for CDFM Training Modules and Mini-Courses.

Mandatory CDFM Training Module and Mini-Course Evaluations are ONLY for:

List of Modules:
1 CDFM Module 1 – Resource Management Environment (MONDAY)
2 CDFM Module 2 – Budget and Cost Analysis (MONDAY)
2 CDFM Module 2 – Budget and Cost Analysis (TUESDAY)
3 CDFM Module 3 – Accounting and Finance (TUESDAY)
4A/B CDFM Module 4 – Acquisition Business Management (MONDAY)
4A/B CDFM Module 4 – Acquisition Business Management (TUESDAY)

List of Mini-Courses:
13A/B Budget Execution and Performance Integration
14A/B Budgeting and Accounting: Making the Connection
15A/B Cost Concepts for Accounting Analysis
16A/B Cost-Benefit Analysis
17A/B Concepts, Techniques and Tools that Support Performance Budgeting
18A/B Operational Decision Support
19A/B Business Case Analysis
20A/B Enabling Informed Decision Making
21A/B Internal Controls: Meeting Federal Requirements for Accountability
23A/B Budget Execution and Performance Integration
24A/B Analytical Decision Making for Financial Managers
25A/B The Economic Environment and the Application of Economic Tools Supporting Financial Managers
26A/B Multi-criteria Decision-making for Financial Managers
27A/B Decision Support for Leaders
28A/B Risk Management

General Surveys

If you attended PDI, the overall General PDI Survey (including the three-question surveys applicable to each workshop attended) was delivered to your primary email address Thursday, 8 June 2017. Once you open the overall PDI survey email, please take a moment to complete and submit the survey as soon as you can so we can continually improve your PDI experience. The overall PDI Survey (incl. applicable workshop surveys) are different from the Mandatory CDFM Training Module and Mini-Course Evaluations (see above), which are required for you to obtain direct credit for Mini-courses in which you “fully participated.”

Note: Surveys are hosted on SurveyMonkey. Due to Firewalls and Security Protocols, you might not be able to access the SurveyMonkey site. We advise you access the surveys from your web-enabled smart device or your home computer.

Mini-Courses & Workshops Presentation Slides

Presentation slides are available at   

Virtual PDI (VPDI) 2017

VPDI 2017 will allow you to access all of the premiere content and educational resources available to on-site attendees.

Virtual PDI is a great option for those unable to attend PDI in San Diego, or even those attendees looking to obtain additional CPEs. As in past years, in-person PDI 2017 attendees will still need to register (but not pay) to access VPDI 2017. VPDI 2017 will continue to provide access to workshops, presentations, and mini courses in an online format that users can access and learn from at their own pace.

Did you miss PDI 2016 in Orlando? By accessing Virtual PDI 2016there’s no need to miss out on quality programming and valuable CPEs.

Registration for Virtual PDI 2017 will be available in July 2017.


By the end of June, PDI 2017 attendees will receive an email (sent by Registration HQ) to the primary email account that the registrant provided in completing the PDI registration. The email will include documentation of all Mini-Courses and Workshops in which the individual participated based on attendee badge scan data. As a reminder, this CPE documentation does not include provision of CPEs for presentations by general session speakers. Because extremely long queues would occur, we do not scan for entry into general sessions. You may self-document CPEs for the general sessions for CDFM recertification purposes. 

The number of credits an individual can earn for participation in CDFM Training Modules, Mini-Courses, and Workshops are outlined at the end of each course description found on the Pre-PDI, Mini-course, and Workshop Descriptions page.

Note: If you did not receive email communications from RHQ or ASMC regarding your PDI registration, we strongly advise you to switch your primary ASMC contact email from your work email address to a personal email. Due to DoD Firewalls and Security Protocols, you may not be receiving many email communications. To change your primary email address with RHQ, please contact or call 702-798-8376. To change your ASMC primary email, please log into your ASMC member profile at, or email

For more information, please contact Nicole St. Laurent at, or Brian Gresham at