President Obama signed the FY2011 Defense Authorization Act (H.R. 6523) late last week.  The House and Senate had approved the final bill in December after dropping a provision that would have repealed DoD’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy (DADT).  Congress passed and the president signed a separate bill that repealed DADT.  The Defense Authorization Act authorizes $548 billion for the FY2011 base budget and $159 billion for overseas contingency operations.  It includes a 1.4 percent pay raise for Military Personnel and contains a number of provisions that affect DoD contracting, such as requiring a review and evaluation of contractor business systems.  Even though the president signed the bill, he expressed his strong opposition to two provisions that bar funds to transfer Guantanamo detainees to the United States and place conditions on transferring these detainees to foreign custody or control.  The president stated that these provisions undermine U.S. counterterrorism efforts and hinder U.S. negotiations with foreign countries.  He said he will work with Congress to repeal the provisions.